Albon: I’m asked about Plan B, but I chose Plan A

Alexander Albon believes that in the remaining three races he will still be able to prove himself, which will allow him to stay with the Red Bull Racing team.

Q: Alex, perhaps there was a positive moment in Turkey for you, when you were in the lead in the race for one lap. Was this your first such experience? How did you like it?
Alexander Elbon: To be honest, I didn’t remember. But everything was fine, although the weekend as a whole turned out to be one of the most unfortunate in the sense that on Friday and Saturday everything seemed to be going just fine. However, this was only until the final part of the qualification and the race.

If we talk about my work, we cannot say that the weekend was bad, only the race was not very smooth.

Question: What do you think, what moments in the characteristics of the car do not allow you to close the gap with your partner in terms of speed? Are you and Max making the same demands on the car, trying to get better results?
Alexander Elbon: I would say that it’s just a sense of confidence, which is necessary for a racer who constantly pilots the car to the limit. Especially at the beginning of the season, I was not happy with the behavior of its rear, but the situation is gradually improving. I’m already more comfortable behind the wheel, and this is the most important thing.

And, in my opinion, Max and I have the same requirements, we want to achieve the same from the car.

Question: You said that the Turkish weekend was going well for you, but the desired result was not achieved. Do you think you managed to prove yourself in order to keep your chances for a spot on the team next season? Or did it all turn out not in the best way in this regard?
Alexander Elbon: I still think that the weekend was good, if we talk about how I worked then. I managed to increase my pace, but some problems with the car prevented. I want to say that there are three more races ahead, in which I can still show what I am capable of. And I want to do them as best I can.

Q: We are already in Bahrain, but it is still unknown who will be Max Verstappen’s team-mate next year. What does the team tell you? Are you given extra time to prove yourself? And do you have a plan B?
Alexander Elbon: I would say that now all the attention should be paid to the three remaining races, I have no other thoughts. They ask me about Plan B, but I chose Plan A, which means I want to stay on the team. This is my goal, so just repeat: I am completely focused on these three races.



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