Albon gets Hamilton’s penalty. ‘Consistency’ is the key.

Alexander Albon believes Max Vertappen could’ve done more to avoid Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix. Red Bull reserves however thinks Hamilton’s penalty is justifiable.

After Max Verstappen was killed in the crash that Lewis Hamilton caused, there was concern over the penalty that race management had imposed on the Mercedes driver. Hamilton was able to avoid a 10-second penalty at Silverstone where the harsher drive-through penalty may have been more appropriate. Hamilton managed to win the race.

Alex Albon, who was the victim of a rash overtaking by Hamilton in Brazil 2019 saw the clash between these rivals from afar. “It has been brewing since the first race of the championship. It seemed like Lewis was ahead of Max. It’s not clear what it is but I can see that the Mercedes looks good on the straight. Max may have the cleanest air, but it could also be that Max is always on top. [en daar wat meer doorheen moest vechten]. Albon, who was speaking to Albon, said that part of me believes Max could have slammed on the door a little harder so Lewis couldn’t get inside.”Formula1.comHamilton was later to win the corner. “But at the same time… when Lewis [verderop in de race]Charles and Max were in a similar situation, perhaps with a slightly different angle. But Lewis’s drifting slightly out is what catches Max.”

Albon knows Hamilton deserved a penalty. But, Albon believes that Verstappen’s impact on Hamilton is so significant that it should be increased. This is not an issue for Albon. “Obviously it’s a huge blow, but what’s clear to me is consistency is required. You should be punished for an accident. It’s happened a few times, and it has always been punished with 10 seconds. As drivers, we have agreed to that.”

Albon understands Red Bull’s reaction to his actions. “In the heat of battle, when it comes to the championship, it creates something different. Max is now Lewis’s closest rival in the championship, Ze [Red Bull en Verstappen] there is now a power unit and a gearbox behind it, and it really puts Max at a disadvantage.”


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