The inn It has become the first collaboration between Alba Reche and Sebastián Cortés.

Its passage through Triumph operation catapulted Alba Reche straight to fame. After obtaining the second position in the contest, the Valencian does not stop surprising her fans.

With The inn Alba Reche has revolutionized her entire audience. A theme in which both singers have completely changed gender creating, thus, a most catchy song that, if it had been released a few months ago, well could have become the song of the unusual summer of 2020.

Sebastian Cortes started his career throwing some solo tracks, as Two x three, Drunk, The Friend. And, although she has yet to release a full album, her singles exceed 100,000 views on YouTube.

Alba Reche had warned, on occasion, that would like to write a song with Cortés, who stayed at the gates of entering Triumph operation 2019, to see “what came out”. What we did not expect is that their first musical encounter would emerge such a danceable song.

The inn has been produced by Sebastián Cortés himself. He has taken care of the mixtures Paul Rouss, who took care of the issue Gives me life, Of cuts; and from the master’s degree, the DJ Alex Ferrer.

Alba’s followers were warned by Lola Indigo that the song was so good that they were not prepared to listen to the collaboration between the Valencian and the Madrilenian.

Lola Indigo comments in a post by Alba Reche about ‘La posada’

The singer has stated that his favorite part of the video clip is in which she and Nadalina, one of the protagonists of the clip, fall embraced inside a glass.

The través del hashtag #LaPosadaIsOut the fans have been full of praise towards the collaboration of the two singers. Comments like “I have stopped breathing” Y “talent in a song” They happen as we go through the Twitter tag.

The video, published on the Sebastián Cortés channel, has already accumulated more than 80,000 views.