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A technical failure that implied that some 16,000 cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom were not notified in time has delayed the efforts of the British Government to track the contacts of those people who tested positive, the national media reported this Monday.

The public health body Public Health England (PHE) He pointed out that, specifically, 15,841 cases of covid-19 between September 25 and October 2 were left out of the updated official figures that the Ministry of Health communicates daily.

These data were then added to the figures corresponding to last Saturday, of 12,872 new positives, and at 22,061 on Sunday.

PHE, which ensures that the computer problem has already been solved, noted that all positives have been informed of the situation, although this has not happened with other individuals who were in contact with those infected.

Ideally, according to experts, is that the contacts of those affected with the virus are traced within 48 hours to prevent the disease from spreading.

That failure also caused the total daily cases reported in the graph that the British Government disclosed last week were lower than the actual number of positives.

The public channel BBC considers that the daily positive figures reported at the end of last week they were “actually closer to 11,000” than to the 7,000 reported cases.

According to PHE Acting CEO Michael Brodie, the “technical problem” was identified on Friday night during the process of transferring laboratory test positives to published charts.

“We fully understand the concern that this may have caused and as a result new robust measures have been implemented, “he said.

Analysts value that this new setback in the computer system used by the Ministry of Health does not exactly contribute to improving confidence citizen in the test system to detect covid-19 which applies in England.

Labor Party Health Spokesperson Jonathan Ashworth called what happened “chaotic” and commented that “the citizens of the country will be understandably alarmed.”

With these new cases added to the official figures, there are already 502,978 those affected by the disease in the UK since the pandemic began.



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