Alarm for a case of coronavirus in the apartment where Diego Maradona is hospitalized

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Beyond the concern, for the moment they would not transfer him to another medical center.

The detection of a case of coronavirus on the 6th floor of the Olivos Clinic, where Diego Armando Maradona is hospitalized, caused some alarms to go off among his family and friends, although for now a transfer to another healthcare center would not be planned.

Although there was concern after this news was released, no one who arrived in Diego had contact with the infected person. Either way, care will be taken to the extreme and visits will be restricted a little more so as not to put the Ten’s health at risk.

In principle, the idea of ​​the team of professionals headed by his personal doctor, the surgeon Leopoldo Luque, is that Diego remains hospitalized there until Friday, although he will be evaluated according to his recovery.

In the morning, Luque He had told new details about the state of the 10 but without alluding to this situation. “I talked to him, he’s fine. He was angry because they tied Gymnastics on a silly play,” he said. According to the doctor, Diego followed his team on Sunday afternoon in the 2-2 draw against Vélez, although he had certain complications since the clinic does not have the “Soccer Pack” that enables him to watch the games and had to resort to other devices.

And Orellano’s goal in the first minute of injury in a set-piece set-up play – similar to Javier Zanetti’s goal for Argentina against England in the round of 16 of the World Cup in France in 1998 – caused 10 an upset.

Luque promised to return later to give a new medical report on Maradona’s evolution, since there was no official information over the weekend.

Who was also present at the door of the clinic was Matías Morla, Maradona’s lawyer, and greeted the journalists gathered there. “Thank you for being here, on behalf of Diego Maradona. Out of respect, that they are working, I tell them that Diego is fine,” he said.

During Sunday, Luque had reported that Maradona was “getting better every day” and that the recovery was “incredible.” Anyway, he had made it clear that the idea was not for Diego to leave the clinic this Monday. In the afternoon it is expected that the latest news about the status of 10 will be known.

This Tuesday it will be a week since he was admitted (first in a private clinic in La Plata and then he will be transferred to Olivos). A subdural hematoma was detected on his head and he underwent surgery that same night. Although the intervention was successful, Diego has not yet been discharged because he presented withdrawal symptoms due to his addiction to alcohol and dependence on psychotropic drugs. For this reason, his evolution is closely followed as sedatives are withdrawn and treatment progresses.


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