Alain Delon, at 84: a photographer keeps demanding that I recognize him as a son

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Recovered from the stroke suffered last year, the actor faces an old lawsuit. It would be his fifth child.

After suffering a stroke, Alain Delon remains silent. However, his name is once again sounding strongly in the European media due to an old paternity suit.

The French actor suffered a slight brain hemorrhage in July 2019, underwent surgery and recovered.

The surgery was performed in a hospital in Paris and then his family decided to transfer him to a private clinic in Switzerland. At that time, the French magazine Voici published that during the hospitalization in Paris there were many frictions and tensions between their children: Anthony (54) and Alain-Fabien (25), who live in the French capital, did not want Delon to be transferred to Switzerland where Anouchka (28) resides. Apparently the family relationship was not the best.

Away from the media, Delon is back in the headlines because the photographer Ari Boulogne, who for two decades assures that he is her son, is willing to continue fighting in court, despite His initial claim was rejected in 2001.

The case was reopened and the Orleans court, where the lawsuit was filed in November last year, proved incompetent to try it, and referred it to the Swiss jurisdiction, which is where the emblematic actor from The silence of a man and At the pool.

The funny thing is that Boulogne, the son of German singer Nico, with whom Delon had a brief affair in the 1960s, was raised by Delon’s own mother, Edith Boulogne. It’s more. It bears her last name.

In France, paternity claims must be submitted to the court of the place of residence of the person with whom the connection of filiation is to be established.

According to Christophe Ayela, Delon’s lawyer, this decision could put an end to the court battle: “In France the principle of international law applies, we apply the law of the mother (German singer Nico, known worldwide for her work with The Velvet Underground , who died in Ibiza in 1988), and in Germany there is no prescription for such actions. In Switzerland, however, the law of the plaintiff, Ari Boulogne, applies. If we apply French law, this is something that prescribed and could be the end point “.

Boulogne’s attorney firmly maintains that this is “a maneuver” that delays the procedure, which could also be paralyzed because the photographer cannot cope with the high costs of defense.

The actor who will turn 85 in November has four recognized children. One of them, Alian Junior, 26, surprised the world in 2014 with his statements to Vanity Fair: “My father did not teach me to love, in fact I don’t think I am capable of loving. Perhaps I have learned to love by knowing what it is not to be loved. “

“My father was sure that I was going to be a criminal for the rest of my life and I was going to end up in jail like my brother, Anthony. I am not going to try to change his idea, because even before I did anything wrong, he was sure that he was going to do it, “Junior commented, referring to a shooting in which he was involved in his father’s house in Geneva. On that day a young woman was seriously injured and the boy was sentenced to five months in prison. Although he did not go to jail, his brother Anthony was behind bars for stealing a car and for possessing weapons.

Last year the American association Women and Hollywood asked the organizers of the Cannes Festival not to award him the honorary Golden Palm for considering Delon “racist, homophobic and misogynistic”. Finally, the artist won the distinction.

In 2017 Delon announced his retirement. “I will not fight any more fights than the account. I am the age that I am. I did the race that I did. I am going to close the cycle with a magnificent film and a play. It is not the end of a life, but the end of a career. Having organized boxing competitions, I saw men who regretted having fought more than necessary. It won’t be like that! “, launched the agency AFP.


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