Abdullah Al Thani returns to the focus of the controversy with a threatening message against Emmanuel Macron, President of France, in response to a post by him on Twitter. The still largest shareholder of Málaga CF “recommended the offensive actions of the Messenger of God“and warned him of the consequences.

The main French leader condemned the murder of Professor Samuel Paty last week and tweeted criticizing radical Islamism. “Nothing makes us stop, ever. We respect all differences in the spirit of peace. We never accept hate speech and defend rational debate. We will always uphold human dignity and universal values,” he wrote in Arabic.

These words ignited Al Thani who responded harshly and with a threatening tone to Macron. “If there is no official apology for all Muslim countries regarding racism, incitement and hate speech, I recommend the offensive actions of the Messenger of God, so bear the consequences“, answered.

Like Al Thani, other Arab leaders have wanted to charge the French president for his tweet, such as those of Turkey, Iran or Pakistan. In fact, many other Islamic countries have called for a boycott of French products. The Qatari sheikh has wanted to go further, ensuring that more countries deserve it.

There are other western countries that should be boycotted. We will not forget offensive movies or cartoons“he explained, referring to cartoons of Muhammad or the like.