Winner of several Jussi awards and international recognitions Aku Louhimiehen the new film Waiting is set to premiere in early 2021.

This is the first film directed by Louhimiehi after The Unknown Soldier and the ensuing Me too.

The uproar began in the spring of 2018, when eight Finnish actresses told Yle in an interview their experiences of subjugation and humiliation under the Miner.

Louhimies apologized for his actions at the Jussi Gala, but later Disagreements developed between Yle and the director, when the director considered some of the allegations made by Yle to be unfounded.

Loosely based on the book

The first trailer for Louhimiehi’s upcoming film Waiting was released later this week.

Filmed in the Turku archipelago, the film is inspired Juhani Ahon from a novel published in 1893 Mrs. Priest.

Based on the trailer, the film offers plenty of sex in addition to love and drama. The visible part of the Turku archipelago is also visible in the visible part of the trailer.

The film is also Finland’s first carbon-negative production.

Louhimies also works as the second screenwriter for the film together Inka Kallén with. In addition to Kallén, they act in the film Aku Hirviniemi, Andrei Alén and Adeliina Arajuuri.