Aki Tykki told openly about his gambling addiction from years ago In the Top Pair podcast. The singer admitted that just over ten years ago, her beloved poker hobby turned into an addiction.

The cannon was playing poker games online at the time, where the stakes of the hands were measured in thousands of euros.

– I was pretty badly hooked at the time. I wasn’t amused by doing anything other than play poker, Cannon recalls the podcast.

However, money did not become a problem, as according to its own accounts, Cannon was a winning player at the time. Instead, the problems were caused by the time spent on night-time game sessions and the mental strain brought by big games.

– My head could no longer stand as the level hardened. I should have killed myself with creativity and emotion so I could make ends meet in those games. And if I had completely cooled my feelings at the poker table, then I could hardly have turned the lever back to change myself into a sensitive and creative state again, Tykki stated in the podcast.

At the time, the Cannon was only interested in playing poker, and there was nothing to be done about making new Happoradio songs. Until the man came up with the idea of ​​making a song about playing poker. A hit song was born Gallows.

– Then I came up with such an addictive topic, which I then turned to the poker world. I also wanted to somehow reveal what the words say. That’s why the lyrics talk about Mikonkatu, and there are also the points “the boat isn’t finished” and “the nails fall into the river,” which, of course, other than poker people don’t understand, Tykki says.

On Mikonkatu, Tykki therefore refers to the Helsinki Casino on the same street. In poker terms, on the other hand, “boat” is a full house and “nails” is a pair of aces.

The cannon eventually overcame his addiction by simply weaning himself from poker. He gradually dropped the level of games and time he spent playing poker. In the end, making music took the victory out of addiction.

He says he continues to play every now and then, but in a controlled and entertaining way. Still, the game goes between emotions. This was the case, for example, in the filming of the 2018 television series Only Life, in which poker was played on Cannon Day.

– I was the first to drop out of that tournament. Everything was that “heh heh,” but I really fucked up. I just had to try to smile that “yeah yeah, nothing here,” Cannon revealed.