Welfare entrepreneur Aki Manninen, 45, woke up a year ago with the feeling that there needs to be a change in their own training habits. Becoming a father strongly influenced him, and at the same time changed the world of values: surface gloss and pumped muscles lost their significance.

After 28 years, he decided to stop strenuous training, which had essentially included training with heavy iron weights.

– The day when small Donna-my daughter was born, something in my inner world changed. The importance of external affairs crumbled. I decided to leave training with heavy irons altogether. I can do better today than I did before. I am five pounds lighter. My muscles are not so stuck, I am now more elastic, Aki Manninen says Iltalehti.

There is a new kind of serenity in the essence of the athletic man familiar from the Biggest Dropper. The change is also reflected in the slender body.

In the TV program, he has instructed his trainees to make long-term choices. Likewise, Aki has strived for life himself: health first.

– I reduced my workout and started doing weight training and aerobic exercise. I wanted to go towards health exercise, he sums up.

– It must be made easier for me to no longer have to maintain that 150-pound bench press or 200-pound squat. It required its 2500-3000 kilocalories per day for food refueling. Now I eat it at 1900 kilocalories and I am doing very well.

The change has affected overall endurance and mood.

– I claim that it has also affected testosterone levels in a man this age, Aki says.

– I take things more relaxed when I haven’t trained myself so tense. Maintaining that trained body creates pressure. I have lost pounds of both muscle and fat, says a wellness entrepreneur who weighs 83 pounds.

Donna’s daughter is fighting with new forces, and there are no disputes over the entrepreneur’s wife. Rita Niemi-Mannisenkaa with the emergence of the former model.

– I’m not so keen on saying and intervening. I’m calmer and pitkäpinnaisempi, it is directly affected by the relationship. Aki Manninen is anything but those big shoulders, I don’t have to “show” anything to anyone anymore. Such a burden on his own identity has completely fallen, he smiles.