Welfare entrepreneur living in Lempäälä Rita Niemi-Manninen recently wrote a touching post on Instagram in which she told her daughter Bebiinaan woman, 1, related to cyberbullying. With Rita and her coach Aki Manninen told social media about her daughter’s name choice, the flood of barking surprised.

The couple, who have become public about Temptation Island Finland and seen on numerous TV programs, are used to hearing comments about themselves. The way their own newborn daughter got her share of the mockery felt really bad, they said.

– After all, we have heard that we are stubborn and attention-grabbers. Our appearance is barked and we are cursed. We are barked, those things do not go under the skin. But it goes if this little girl is barking at someone. Donna hasn’t earned it, Rita and Aki tell Iltalehti.

Even though there is time for name comments, the topic still makes emotions surface.

– Did people realize that when they bark at a child’s name, they bark at that little baby? They barked at our choice of name and the name Donna. Many pages of the same shit – I published just a few screenshots as an example of the content of the posts. What’s bothering adults? Some have a sick world, Rita bursts.

In her post, Rita shared people’s comments about Donna’s daughter, which is a stopping read. You can see below the post or from here.

Rita’s hair Prime Hair and Beauty Design / Hanna Sea buckthorn.

Welfare entrepreneurs understand that public work comes with side effects of their own kind. If there is a fake influence, sometimes you get nasty messages. However, they hope their children will be spared such.

– Donna will soon turn a year and four months, she is an innocent little person. That evil world is not yet to touch him.

– We don’t want to go for a similar loan throw in a some and respond to nasty messages with evil. We want to live through good energy and we teach the same in our coaching, Aki sums up.

However, Rita says she hasn’t considered the option of excluding Donna from her someback updates because of some comments.

– However, I describe the life of me and Aki in some way, so it would seem strange to leave motherhood out of that whole. Even so, one might think that if I were to start covering Donna now, would it give curious people more stimulation to stalk, I don’t know, Rita laughs.

– Sure, when Donna grows up, if she doesn’t like being in the updates, I won’t drag her in front of the camera. But if he even gets excited about tubevideos, of course I encourage it. One way or another, support will come.

Against bullying

The couple says that during their years in Pori, they also encountered the malice of people in the school world. Rita says that when she was younger, she was a ready-to-say hard-faced man who gave the malicious word back verbally. His roundness and clothing, for example, were commented on during school hours.

– I hope I can give Donna a say in situations. It is needed at a young age. My sister was bullied and she was timid when she was young. I remember defending her as a child and yelling at the bullies, Rita describes.

– I learned the pattern that the stricter must be defended. I have never realized bullying, and I have not accepted it in my sight. I hope Donna knows how to put flour in her mouth at a crucial moment, many are tested at school to break and retreat and give the bully power. Must be able to defend oneself. It is easy to say this now as a woman in her forties, a small child is always confused by that.

Now, as an adult running a business, one has sometimes wondered how self-employed has been underestimated.

– We have wanted to do our own things with good mood, I don’t understand this design culture. Those comments come that someone as a Pori is ashamed of us Pori. What are we doing now that should be ashamed? We honestly build our own business, Rita wonders.