Aké satisfied with ‘difficult’ debut for Manchester City in Wolverhampton

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Nathan Aké looks back with a good feeling on his first minutes in the Manchester City shirt. The defender took part in the entire game against Wolverhampton Wanderers (1-3) on Monday evening and made a good impression.

“It is not easy to make your debut in such a tough away match”, Aké admitted after the game in conversation with the club channel. “But the team gave me the feeling in the first weeks that I was very welcome and the coach also helped me well. It is great that I can immediately liven up my debut with a victory.”

25-year-old Aké, who was recently taken over from Bournemouth for around 45 million euros, formed a defensive center in Wolverhampton with John Stones. City still took a hit after the break, but the six-time national champion closed the game in injury time with the 1-3.

“After the break we knew it was going to be more difficult with the pressure from Wolverhampton,” Aké said. “It is a pity that we did not keep the zero, but defensively we were otherwise strong. That will be very important this season, because we have enough quality up front to always score a few times.”

Manager Josep Guardiola was impressed by what the fifteen-time Orange-international showed in his first game. “The whole team played strong, especially in the first half, but John and Aké were so good. I am very happy with our play in one of the toughest away games in the Premier League.”

For Manchester City, the game with Wolverhampton Wanderers was the first game of the season, as Guardiola’s team participated in the Champions League in August. The ‘Citizens’ continue the competition on Sunday with a home game against Leicester City.

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