The past few months have been known as an optimist To Aira Samulin, 93, heavier than usual. The Hyrsylä bend in Lohja has been of particular concern to him. The tourist destination in Lohja had to be closed for a long time due to the corona pandemic.

In July, Samulin said it had sold Oravi’s beach plot off the shores of Lake Saimaa to secure the future of the Hyrsylä bend. Visitors are received at the Hyrsylä bend on weekends, subject to safety limits, but customer numbers are now only a fraction of what they used to be. To save the situation, Samulin put up an extensive art collection for sale this week.

– This is what we have to do now to find out, Samulin tells Iltalehti.

Samulin received the art collection as a light artist Ekku Peltomäki, 71, as a prize in connection with the Soviet Union fashion show and fashion competition held in Tallinn in the 1980s. The collection has been on display at the bend of Hyrsylä for years, and is now on sale at the Bukowski auction.

Easy decision

For Samulin, Hyrsylä’s bend is especially close to his heart, and he strives to nurture the tourist destination with his relatives in mind by all possible means. When the weak situation in the tourism industry has shown no signs of recovery due to the corona pandemic, Samulin grabbed the phone and called Peltomäki to discuss the sale of the joint art collection.

Just like for decades, this decision was easy to make together. Peltomäki, who now lives in Bali, considered Samulin’s proposal a good idea, and the wheels for realizing the works of art were put to rotation.

– We agreed with Eku that we would put the money in half. It has always been easy for us to agree on things together. That’s why our careers were so awesome that we got to agree on all things so well and understood each other, Samulin says.

It is difficult to estimate the value of an art collection, but the starting prices of the works fluctuate in a few hundred euros. It is easy to answer what Samulin uses the money he gets from the works: Hyrsylä’s bend. Preliminary inquiries about the works came even before the sale started, so Samulin is hopeful.

– Now we need such creativity and ingenuity, he says.

Dear place

Samulin has decided that Hyrsylä’s bend is the target he is willing to do his best to save. The tourist destination is extremely dear to both himself and his descendants.

– I look to the future in this matter and think about our third generation. I want to leave it to them so that there is nothing left of them that they would not survive, Samulin says.

– You don’t take care of it so much, but from the third generation.

In the tourist destination owned by the Aira Samulin Foundation, offspring has already enjoyed as a child – for several generations. These memories Samulin wants to cherish until the last.

– They have been comfortable there since birth and I hope they feel it is so important that they might want to continue it in their life’s work. I want to offer them the opportunity to spend time there, take care of the place and act within it if they want to.

– However, I have to give up everything when I leave, Samul sighs and smiles.