The app for Requesting aid from the Renove Plan for the purchase of more efficient cars will be operational from next Tuesday, October 20, at 10.00. This was confirmed this afternoon by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Reyes Maroto, in the presentation of the results of the Auto Mobility Trends barometer, prepared by Coche Global and Ygroup and carried out at Casa Seat in Barcelona.

Can I apply for aid to buy a used car?

As explained by the head of Industry and according to Faconauto data, a total of 135,000 purchase transactions have already been generated of vehicles thanks to this aid plan for the rejuvenation of the Spanish automobile fleet.

The Renove Plan is endowed with a total of 250 million budget that will be distributed in grants of up to 4,000 euros for the purchase of efficient vehicles. The amount of the aid will be determined by the emissions of the cars, the sale price of the model or if a car of a certain age is scrapped.

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The deadline for submitting the application through the telematic system will open on October 20 and will close on December 31, 2020, unless the established budgets are exhausted before that date. In order to make the reservation, it will be necessary, at least, to have ordered the vehicle at the dealership.

The instructions For the presentation of the application, they will be published on the website of the Ministry of Industry, where there will also be a link to the application to process the applications, that will be attended in order of presentation. Once the application has been completed and registered, A reservation of the amount corresponding to each request will be automatically generated.