Agustín Canapino built an emotional victory in an exciting first final of the Super TC2000

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The Chevrolet driver prevailed in the opening of the season in the heads up with Matías Rossi (Toyota). Rubens Barrichello made his debut and was eighth.

Definition of pure emotion in the Super TC 2000. One of those that force you to detach from the back of the armchair or chair. Or even stand in front of the television, the only way to watch sports events in these times of pandemic. The two colossi of Argentine motorsport reached the Hairpin at the same time and in the final acceleration, after demanding each other for 33 laps, the victory was just there. Then Agustín Canapino made his Chevrolet Cruze prevail against Matías Rossi’s Toyota Corolla.

“If he didn’t pass it at the start, I couldn’t have beaten him”It was the perfect synthesis of Canapino, who 15 minutes after seeing the first checkered flag of the season for the Super TC2000, could not get out of that unique state of adrenaline.

And it was as is. Rossi showed a superior car throughout the weekend, including Thursday’s community test, dominating each instance at will: the pole position and the qualifying race.

But with Canapino you never know. And the game with stopped cars, a characteristic that the Super TC2000 wisely recovered a season ago, allows these alternatives. The Chevrolet stung better, overtook Rossi and began to lead the squad of the large Super TC2000.

It was the best thing that happened to the competition. Del Viso’s speedy Corolla raced to Canapino, who He appealed to all his craft to defend leadership. Despite the blocked and the wear in each braking.

Today the start went well. It was key. Then I fought her the entire race. And in the definition it surprised me. I knew I was going to do something different, but I wasn’t sure what. Luckily the maneuver went well, he threw himself, I did not take it out and I could defend the tip”Canapino commented, referring to the fascinating definition of the race.

Rossi always tried at Hairpin. But it did not give him the space for improvement. And on the last lap the Toyota took a risk of all or nothing. He got on the same side, on the outside, trying the heroic. It almost did not come out.

“I didn’t have the best start, but Agustín did very well. Then we star in a battle to the limit. He made a little difference to me and when I got closer he defended himself very well. At the end I tried something different, we came out similar in the hairpin and he had better acceleration and won it very well ”, explained Rossi.

The performance of the Toyota corroborated it Julian Santero. The Mendoza driver took advantage of the Corolla very well with a neat job, staying behind Rossi’s back, with whom he shared the podium. “We have a very good rhythm, the times did not shoot up and that is very good for the parity of the category,” he reflected.

The one who did not have the best face was Facundo Ardusso, who could not demonstrate the level of the Renault team, dominating the last three years, on this initial date, behind closed doors and with all the protocols imposed by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to be fulfilled in the Oscar and Juan Gálvez racetrack.

“We were not at the competitive level. Those up front escaped me, I couldn’t get away from Caito (Risatti). It will be a week to work hard for next weekend. The good thing is that the championship started and we added points. But we have to improve everything a bit, especially cornering speed, ”said Ardusso.

Who was in the heat of the fight was the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello, which debuted in the Super TC2000 with Toyota Gazoo Racing. He started from 11th place and immediately, as usually happens in the middle of the platoon, he spent the laps at full friction.

He fought against Juan Manuel Silva (another great addition to the category, the Honda rider) and Juan Ángel Rosso. Finally the former Formula 1 driver came in 8th place.

Beyond the results, the gestures, behind the chinstraps, masks and masks, stood out to full satisfaction. They were six very tough months for everyone who worked this weekend at the Buenos Aires racetrack. After the general uncertainty, the Super TC2000 left behind the forced pause and started the season.

With triumphs and defeats, but with the enormous joy of knowing that the activity began to roll. Beyond passion, the one generated by huge drivers, such as Canapino and Rossi, who left everything from start to finish, is also a great source of work. And it is not little to celebrate it.

Across the television screen, fans and enthusiasts stood in front of the emotional definition. Canapino won this time. But like all competitors, already with the trophy in the arms, the head is already set in the next weekend, where the Super TC2000, which was installed in the Gálvez, will carry out the second competition of the particular 2020.


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