The video game of the moment that is driving hundreds of thousands of players around the world crazy is the ‘Among Us’. Its premise is as old as mystery novels: players have to find out who the murderer is who is killing them one by one. The key is knowing how to lie.

Among the fans of the phenomenon are two footballers like Thibaut Courtois and Kun Agüero. The goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the forward of Manchester City they shared with their mutual friend Ibai Llanos and other ‘top’ gamers, like DjMariio, Reven and the rest of G2Sports a game broadcast on twitch that, according to Ibai himself, was “the most epic Among Us you will ever see in your fucking life.”

When they were connecting and while the cameras, microphones and other paraphernalia were being put on, there was a small spike between the footballers. They were commenting on Courtois’ strategies when Agüero confessed his difficulties. At that moment, the madridista goalkeeper stung him accusing him of swimming: “But if you know how to lie very well, if you always fall into the area and get a penalty”.

Amid the laughter of Ibai, Agüero reacted half jokingly half seriously: “Listen to me, silly, asshole … Don’t make me warm that when I play against I score a goal, huh?”, He replies.

Ibai tried to add fuel to the fire (this is not seen in this fragment) and said that right now Kun would not be able to score a goal against Courtois, because he is in great form. The rest of the players joined the game and the conversation went in a different direction.

The complete game, of more than four hours, it can be seen from the Ibai twitch channel: