Agravanis: “I believed in the title, absolute justification for our team” | NBA

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Dimitris Agravanis spoke of great justification and stressed that he believed in winning the Super Cup.

“It’s the absolute justification for everyone on the team. I believed it a lot, I wanted to stay to get a title. You are not given anything in life. I am proud that we won a title and that we wrote history for the team with our first title “, the head of Prometheus initially stated on ERT’s camera, before adding:

“We did not play our best game. Agbelese and Miller were great. It was a team effort, we played as one. We stayed together and that’s why we got the first cup of the year “.

In closing, he stated: “They may underestimate us, they thought we would come here just to play. We wanted to get a title, but we will not stop here. We will do our best. “


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