After working with Donald Trump, the son of the mayor of New York thinks about fighting for mayor

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Andrew is 34 years old and wants to follow the path of his father, Rudolph Giuliani. He is seriously considering the possibility of running in 2021 to govern the “Big Apple.”

Another Giuliani looms in New York City politics, is that The son of the mythical mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Andrew, is seriously analyzing the possibility of running for that same position in 2021. The idea is to launch to end years of Democratic administration, they assure from his surroundings.

“I’m certainly thinking about that. It’s something that a group of people I trust has approached me with, “young Giuliani, 34, told The New York Post. “It has been terrible to see how the city has exploded in recent years,” she said.

“I am afraid that if the candidate of the right does not win in 2021, four more years of (Bill) De Blasio’s policies will remind us of the 80s“warned the mayor’s 76-year-old son.

“The government of Mayor de Blasio has failed New York because it does not value the New York Police Department and does not value what they have done for the city “, Giuliani continued, highlighting recent budget cuts and the dissolution of the New York Police Department’s criminal unit police.

Andrew Giuliani spent more than three years working in the White House as a public liaison assistant to President Donald Trump and, like his father, has developed a close working relationship with the tycoon.

Sometimes they meet up to four times a week when things get tough for the government. His portfolio involves the interaction between the White House and a variety of companies, nonprofits and other groups. “We deal with everyone from Tim Cook to Kim Kardashian and everyone in between,” said the young man.

Giuliani, who once aspired to be a professional golfer, claims to be “a couple of shots better” than Trump, although he said he preferred to be on the president’s team.

“You should always be careful to beat your boss”, he mentioned.

The young man assured that, although he wants to be mayor, at this moment has his energies set on reelection of President Trump.

“I’m trying to make sure the president gets over the finish line on November 3 and then right after that my focus will be on how we can save New York City again,” he said.

Giuliani said he has been considering running for the top job in the city with his father for the past six weeks. Rudy Giuliani served as mayor between 1994 and 2001 and is widely recognized for stopping crime and leading New York at its worst, following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Should he run, he will have to seek the Republican nomination in the face of stiff resistance from supermarket billionaire John Catsimatidis, who is also considering a career and has pledged to spend $ 100 million out of his own pocket to win.

Source: ANSA



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