The election of Democratic politician Joe Biden as president of the United States marks a return to well-established customs and traditions, even with regard to pets, informs AFP, quoted by Agerpres.

Joe Biden will move to the White House with two German Shepherd dogs: Champ, who has lived with the Biden family since 2008, and Major, who was adopted in 2018 from an animal shelter. This is after Donald Trump never had a dog at the White House, unlike all his predecessors with the same position.

Major will also be the first dog trained for rescue operations to live in the official residence of the American presidents, located at Pennsylvania Avenue Nr. 1600.

Over the years, the Americans have been very attached to the representatives of “man’s best friend” who lived in the White House and it is not excluded that this canine duo brought some votes to Joe Biden, the former vice president at the time. Barack Obama’s presidential term.

During his election campaign, Joe Biden, who has a reputation for being warm and empathetic, did not hesitate to use the affectivity strategy.

He posted on Instagram photos of his dogs wearing clothing accessories in the colors of his campaign team and accompanied those images with the following: “I may be a little biased, but I think Champ and Major would be some super First Dogs at Home. white. “

On the other hand, Donald Trump’s lack of interest in dogs has been regularly speculated by his critics, who have created T-shirts with the message “He doesn’t even have a dog,” which is considered absolute evidence, in their view, of the lack of empathy of the republican president.