– A really even match. The two very fighting teams were facing each other. The small margins decided Anton Lundell said, recalling that the difference between the two goals came only after HIFK made the last one blank.

Lundell grabbed it Jere Sallinen from finishing a 3-1 hit to an entry point and increasing his power of three matches to 1 + 1.

On the night after the match, at two o’clock Finnish time, the NHL booking event, which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, will start, which will be held remotely for the same reason.

Anticipated as a sure reservation for the first round, Lundell will participate in the event with his close circle in the Royal Club restaurant premises in the hall of Nordenskiöldinkatu.

At least he didn’t admit that an exciting night would have swirled in his mind during the game.

– Of course this is a really big day, I sensed it right in the morning. I tried to take positive energy from the booking and pull a good game into this. Oh well then go out towards the evening, he smiled via a video conferencing connection organized by HIFK for the media.

Aside from tonight’s game, Lundell could be happy with the entire season that had begun.

– The training season got off to a good start. I got a lot of playing time and role and quite a lot of success.

Lundell, who leads HIFK’s number one chain, was the most powerful team in 11 matches with a balance of 7 + 6 = 13 and the third best scorer in training matches in the entire League.

– We immediately got the team’s game on the right track. We have a good atmosphere and a sense of doing. I look forward to continuing.

The next level

HIFK head coach Jarno Pikkarainen characterized Lundell as a player evolving steadily in the right direction.

– Anton has not taken any terribly big jumps and is moving steadily. Now skating has developed to the next level again, Pikkarainen praised.

The young man starting his third league season has scored 20 + 29 = 49 in 85 matches. He demonstrates exceptional maturity in his responsible two-way game.

– Great night for him and his loved ones. Good thing we have a day off, so we get some sleep then.

The thread is broken

The Pelicans started sharply but only got a pole shot from the opening goal. HIFK’s Ville Varakas did it, and the grip turned to the hosts, even though the Buffalo Sabers contract player on loan in Lahti Oskari Laaksonen once again raised the Pelicans to levels.

– We had to fight hard, but defended stubbornly and not many seats were given. In the third one, our puck playing improved a bit, Pikkarainen repeated the events.

– There is always a psychological side to these, and we have had a really hard time with the Pelicans, he recalled.

In the semi-finals of spring 2019, HIFK defeated the people of Lahti, but in the regular season it had lost as many as ten mutuals to the tube. It had been almost three years since the previous victory.

– In that respect, a really valuable battle victory.

Coronation situation

HIFK now has two wins out of three matches. A big credit for them belongs to Captain Sallis, who is still the best scorer in the entire League with a power of 4 + 1 = 5 based on a short sample. Yesterday his balance was a handsome 2 + 1.

The match was followed by only 3,544 spectators due to limited spectator capacity and a worsening epidemic in the metropolitan area.

– Let’s try not to think about it and do our best to be exemplary. Stay away from public places and use hygiene. There is a lot of research into coming to the hall in good health, Sallinen described HIFK’s attitude towards the torturous corona situation.

– It is necessary to just try to rule out the mind and focus on playing.