After the scandal of the final, the great kitchen prize begins again

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Four injured in a stabbing at Charlie Hebdo’s former office

Four people were injured in a stabbing in Paris on Friday. It happened near the old office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo....

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At least four injured and one detainee in a knife attack near the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in Paris

At least four people have been injured in a stab attack near the former headquarters of the French satirical media Charlie Hebdo. Two...

This Monday 14 the ninth season of the reality show led by Carina Zampini for El Trece is over. The eighth ended with a finalist leaving the studio. The eight previous winners will compete.

This Monday, September 14, from 6.15 p.m. on El Trece, the ninth season of The great prize of the kitchen, the gastronomy reality show hosted by Carina Zampini, which has become the great surprise of the quarantine: on Friday the 11th, with the last final, averaged 9 rating points, it was the most viewed of the day on the channel and, in addition, it was its highest mark so far this year.

Hereinafter, the eight winners from previous seasons will compete. In other words: they are going for the two-time championship.

While driving, Zampini is accompanied by Juan Marconi. And the jury is made up of Felicitas Pizarro, Christian Petersen and Mauricio Asta.

The competition, as they advance from the production of the cycle, will be “individually”. And only one of the participants can become the winner of the contest: will win a prize of 400,000 pesos.

Who will fight for the title?

1) José González: from San Francisco, Córdoba. They call him the “Peque”. He cooks very well and has a lot of humor. “Now we go with family and friends to eat something,” she celebrated at the time, laughing.

2) Rodrigo Mattera: after winning the El Trece contest, and together with master pastry chef Alberto Alegre, set up an industrial bakery plant in Alem, numbered “Bon farin”.

3) María Yolanda “Chiqui” Colonel: of Paso de los Libres, Corrientes. The jury praised her for her “creativity”.

4) Julian Tiberius: these days, his local Tibuk bistro, in Tigre, which is “signature cuisine”, is closed due to the pandemic and is dedicated to “take away”.

5) Santiago Albornoz del Azar: tender, with a difficult childhood, father of two children, says that, if there were proposals, he would not go to work outside “Because I couldn’t be far from them.”

6) Natasha Salman Dib: in the final, as a starter, he chose a vegan ceviche. “I chose it for people to see that without meat you can also eat delicious “he explained.

7) Matías López: Tute, from Lanús. “Gastronomy cost me a lot, because when people see someone ugly and fat they underestimate it. It has happened to me. One becomes a shell. I play hard, I am a bit,” he said about some of the prejudices that exceeded.

8) Matías Mitolo: it was consecrated this Friday the 11th. It was a final with scandal, especially when Petersen announced the winner.

There, Daniela “Dana” Martucci, the other finalist, turned around and left the studio, without congratulating the champion or talking to the drivers.

“Something just happened that never happened in seven seasons we had. The second participant, which in this case was Dana, dropped out of the studio.. We wanted things to go as well as she wanted and we would have loved for her to be here, to talk to her and see her off as it should be, “Zampini was surprised.

Dana already came with a fight in the last programs and, above all, in the definition against Matías. Days ago, in several deliveries of her dishes, she was seen to be moody, cold and not wanting to interact with the jurors at the time of returns.


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