After the annoyance of Lucas Pusineri, in Independiente reinforcements begin to arrive

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Ezequiel Muñoz and Sebastián Sosa arrive. The coach had gotten angry after the leadership advanced in an incorporation that for him was not a priority.

Just when Lucas Pusineri’s patience was beginning to run out, from the Independiente leadership they stopped spinning and put fifth to depth in the pass market. The annoyance of the coach had grown in the week due to the lack of confirmations, but this Thursday he received news that sweetened his ears and brought him calm: in the next few hours the defender will sign his contract Ezequiel Muñoz and the arrival of the archer was also closed by word Sebastian Sosa.

The technician raised his temperature late on Wednesday afternoon and not precisely because he suffered a fever. What happened? As anticipated Clarion, managers moved forward to agree with Liverpool Uruguay’s purchase of 50 percent of the forward Federico Martinez at $ 1,350,000 to be paid in installments.

The first transfer must be 300 thousand and when this happens the operation will be sealed on the far right charrúa, which for the moment continues in Rosario Central. Half He had raised his thumb, although Martínez was not expressly requested by him and is clearly a leadership initiative. The problem was that, in parallel, the arrivals for the other names had stagnated that they are a priority for the technician: Muñoz and Sosa. The reason? Lack of money.

“Is there money for one and no money for the others?” it was heard from Pusineri’s inner circle, who strongly insisted to managers about the need to cover the goal and defense first. He told them that if an economic effort had to be made, it should be done in those positions and not in one in which he has Jonathan Menendez and with youngsters with a good present like Braian martinez and Alan Velasco.

For Muñoz, who underwent the medical examination last weekend, a payment had already been advanced, but this Friday was the deadline for making the second and finalizing his arrival. The negotiation was put in check because there were no guarantees that that second turn would be made. However, the pressure of the coach had its effect and from both parties they confirmed to Clarion that the defender who was released from Lanús will be made official before Saturday.

Where did the money come from? There were no further details at the moment. The leadership waited for the entry of a collection that was delayed and that caused everything else to be delayed. Finally, the tickets appeared (has a friendly hand collaborated?) And Muñoz’s phone rang to get the confirmation that gave him relief.

But that was not all: Pusineri will have the goalkeeper he asked for, after the chances of Alvaro Montero and Agustín Rossi. Sosa, 34, was able to resolve his departure from Mazatlán. Independiente will bring it on loan until December 2021 with a charge of $ 100,000 and a purchase option of 1 million.

In any case, the Uruguayan would take over the assignment and its value will be discounted from his salary. In this way, the Red you will recover the money that you will have to send to Mexico in these days to complete the agreement.

Likewise, it has not yet been ruled out that it can go ahead with Federico Martínez, while for the left back the alternative of adding the former Tigre remains latent. Lucas Rodriguez, who is free.

After the internal tremor, reinforcements begin to arrive in Avellaneda.


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