After rumors, Gusttavo Lima reveals whether he has resumed his relationship with Andressa Suita. Look!

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Gusttavo Lima commented on the rumors of reconciliation with Andressa Suita on Thursday (22). Like the model, the singer denied a trip to Angra dos Reis (RJ) to try to resume the wedding. “Regarding the relationship, it’s over. Respect and admiration continue, but the relationship is over,” he told columnist Leo Dias. The separation was announced on October 9 and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the possibility that Gusttavo and Andressa would resume. On the web, Gusttavo has already countered rumors of betrayal. “Slander and defamation … To all those involved in this absurdity that are trying to put me, get ready!”, Fired the musician.

Gusttavo Lima denies romance with Dudu’s ex

In the last week, Gusttavo removed relationship with Mallu Ohanna, ex of player Dudu. “How does such a person do this? Confirms something that never happened? I have never seen it in my life. Never. I swear on my children,” he declared. Mallu confirmed the affair with Gusttavo, during his marriage to Andressa, in an audio that circulates on social networks. The alleged confession would have happened to journalist Fabíola Reipert. “When it happened, he told me he was separated. About two months ago, more or less. I was with Zé Felipe, Virginia, everyone, it happened there [na casa do Leonardo]”, he detailed.

Zé Felipe suffers threats from Mallu Ohana about case with singer

Zé Felipe stated that he is not afraid of the alleged information, since he saw Mallu only once in his life: “You sent a message today to João Victor, threatening, saying he was going to tell me and Virginia things. First, you saw us once in your life. We had the displeasure to get to know you. Second, if you start talking about me and Virginia and start inventing anything, be one, you get ready, that we are equipped like the army of the States United. The consequences are up to you. Do what you want “.

Virgínia Fonseca denies meeting at her father-in-law’s house

Virgínia Fonseca denied that Mallu stayed with Gusttavo in a meeting of friends at Leonardo’s house: “She wants to eat, wants cookies, wants fame, I just don’t mark her here because I won’t give it to her. I spoke for the direct and she he didn’t answer and I’m coming here to say it’s a lie. I saw Gusttavo Lima once in my life, it was the day I discovered my pregnancy and Gusttavo went there to get Leonardo to play football. I spent five minutes at the table with them. he was never in a review with us, I never came close to having any intimacy with him “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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