After miraculous recovery, Hockey star Welten is ready to go for the Olympics

Lidewij Worlden, a hockey star, says she is ready to compete in the Olympics. The attacker sustained a severe hamstring injury mid-May but miraculously recovered quickly.

Welten declared that the match was important after the 2-1 win against New Zealand on Tuesday. “Finally, I was allowed to fully participate again in a match. It was a great pleasure to see that the duel is still going on. This allowed me to cross the i’s, and I was able to get some heat rhythm.

Welten, 31, was not able to score against New Zealand but received confirmation during the 40-minute Olympic training match that she is ready for Games. “I have been involved in the group for three weeks. How physically fit I am by being able to focus completely on hockey.

Welten was injured in the championship match against Amsterdam at Den Bosch two months ago. She was unable to attend the European Championship in Amstelveen, June due to this injury. Fear of missing the Games was even a factor.

Welten said that the rapid recovery is medically impossible to explain. “I believe it is a combination of being in excellent medical hands, being on it seven days a week and my drive, as well the support I have from the people around.

Lidewij Worlden was seriously injured in her hamstring during the Amsterdam match against Den Bosch.

“Think it would be my last Games.”

Welten might have chosen to go through a different rehabilitation process if another tournament was scheduled. “It all depends on what phase I am currently in. However, I may not have done this to qualify for the European Championship. I would have slowed down, I believe.

Welten is on the verge of securing her third Olympic title, possibly at her last Games. “I don’t know if this will be my last but I believe so. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do not know. Welten won gold in Beijing (2008) and London (2012).

Everything is different thirteen years after her Olympic debut. You notice there is no audience. It is a shame that the family can’t come. It’s alive, but in another way. These will mainly be digital games. However, I will be standing starting the first game.



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