After his dream debut, Götze thinks he will need a few weeks to become top fit

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Mario Gotze thinks he needs a few more weeks to get fully fit. The German livened up his debut for PSV on Sunday with the opening goal in the 0-3 won away game against PEC Zwolle.

Schmidt: ‘Götze needs self-confidence’

“I am very happy”, Götze exulted FOX Sports. “Of course with the win, but also because I was able to play again and scored so quickly.”

The 28-year-old midfielder opened the score for PSV in Zwolle in the eighth minute. He took advantage of a clumsy back pass by Clint Leemans, bypassed goalkeeper Michael Zetterer and simply tapped in.

“I was a little lucky, but maybe a little bit of game intelligence from me came into play,” he said. “It was a great moment.”

Halfway through the second half, the weary Götze was replaced. The 63-time international, who played his last game on behalf of Borussia Dortmund on May 26, noticed that he is not completely fit yet.

“My feeling and condition are getting better every day, so that feels very good for me”, he said. “But I still need a few more weeks to be really top fit and to be able to play at 100 percent. In a few games we will see how I really stand.”

Joy at PSV after one of the hits against PEC. (Photo: ANP)

PSV coach Roger Schmidt was logically also happy with Götze’s goal. “It was a good start and good for him to score so quickly. He needs confidence,” said the German.

Despite the simple victory in Zwolle, Schmidt was not completely satisfied with the game of his team. “We still have a lot to improve,” he concluded. “We started with new players from now on and we need these games to get better.”

Besides Götze, Ibrahim Sangaré and Adrian Fein made their debut for PSV, which took the lead in the Eredivisie thanks to the victory over PEC. The Ivorian Sangaré had a starting place and the German Fein came in in the final phase.

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