after Chris Pratt, the counter case of the bullied actress on social media is unleashed

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Twitter users raise their voices because, unlike Chris Pratt, hardly anyone has defended Brie Larson, the interpreter of Captain Marvel, from the daily sexist attacks and threats she receives on social media.

This time, however, we are on track, even if on social media it is never in time since also Twitter, once the best social network, is becoming a ring for continuous controversy. We had just reported the difesa by James Gunn and Mark Ruffalo by actor Chris Pratt, for some time the subject of attacks on social media, which enters the trend Brie Larson. Because? Because many users have tweeted responses regarding the above controversy, with tweets such as this one from Jimmy Folino, who writes:

“Brie Larson is bullied on social media for two years and only Chadwick and Cheadle defend her, Chris Pratt is” bullied “for 3 days and calls half the MCU to defend him.”

While Shane Emery points out that:

“Brie Larson receives misogynist attacks and death threats every day. MCU cast: Anthony Mackie has received racist slurs and death threats for replacing Chris Evans as Cap. Chis Pratt is sued for going to a homophobic church and having a look. weird and the cast of the MCU (meme follows with Mr. Incredible saying “now you’ve officially exaggerated, mate”.

And so on, at will, hundreds of tweets. We were unaware, we confess, of the cowardly attacks by trolls and keyboard lions on the poor Brie Larson and of course we condemn them without ifs and without me, especially since they apparently arrived in response to a post in which she talked about inclusiveness.

However, there are not a few public figures forced to temporarily or forever abandon social media, because they are exposed to scum of this kind. We recall recently the cases of Elizabeth Olsen and of Ed Sheeran. The problem is that in many cases the person is confused with the political ideas he has or that people attribute to him and immediately takes the lynching contest without any hesitation from the usual trolls: this is what is really scary, whoever is a victim, and that should make us think.


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