After being confronted, woman launches a racist tirade against Asian woman; throws rocks towards Asian journalist

Asian TikTok user captured the moment that a Black woman launched a racist tirade at her at a gas station on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

The footage was first uploaded by Stephanie (@lycheemarteenee), a user on TikTok. Reddit reposted.

Stephanie says that Stephanie began recording after the woman started yelling at her racist remarks. The user accused Stephanie of being racist and she replied that it was “not against law.”

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“Go eat your dog with some rice, b*tch” the woman yells repeatedly. The TikTok user then approached the woman’s vehicle to capture the woman’s license plate.

The woman also says, “Go back to your country, b*tch,” when Stephanie tells her she would upload the video online.

As she enters her vehicle, the woman adds, “Go do some nails or some feet or something, b*tch.” Before she leaves, she rolls down her window and continues to utter more hateful slurs.

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The TikTok user then posted follow up videos to respond to TikTok comments accusing her defaming her by creating a false narrative in order to give more context and explain how the incident began.

@lycheemarteenee Reply to @msgoood1 regarding weirdo comments such as this one. here’s some context as to what happened leading up to me recording her. #racist #stopasianhate #seattle #publicfreakout #fyp #foryou #karensgoingwild #karensoftiktok ♬ Original sound – Stephanie

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Stephanie said that she had witnessed the woman being rude to an Asian senior gas station attendant before recording her video.

The woman allegedly aggressively threw cash on the counter after she was not treated immediately. Stephanie confronted the woman and began to yell at her.

In response to a commenter who expressed doubt that she did not say anything racist against the woman, Stephanie wondered why it was so hard to believe that she didn’t.

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“I should have minded my own business for my own safety,” she says in the clip. “I should have but didn’t. I spoke up, and I don’t regret that.”

Seattle-area journalist Jonathan Choe Stephanie was able track down the woman who verbally assaulted her and asked for her side.

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In a video uploaded on Twitter, Choe introduces himself as a journalist, but the woman declines to speak with him, saying, “I don’t got no side to the story.”

When asked if she regretted spouting the racial slurs, the woman replies, “I don’t. Not at all.”

The video then shows the woman in her window yelling out to Cho that she doesn’t have to tell him anything and to get off her property.

He asks her to apologize for her comments. The woman claims that Stephanie called Stephanie the n-word.

Cho continues to ask the woman for more details and proof of her accusations. The clip ends with the woman chasing Cho off while throwing rocks at him before walking away and saying, “Eat a d*ck, Asian man. Or a dog with rice.”

Choe also visited the gas station at the scene of the initial altercation and spoke with Tommy Lee, the owner, who confirmed Stephanie’s story.

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Lee stated that she believed she said what was necessary at the time, and that she appreciated her standing up to my employee.” The Post Millennial.

“Honestly, my employees know how to deal well with rude people,” Lee said. Lee said that sometimes, it’s best to ignore their ignorance. “Because a person such as that doesn’t understand much better obviously. It’s so wasteful to be mad at people like this. It’s something I’ve experienced, so you can trust me.

Stephanie, a Taiwanese American, said to The Post Millennial she doesn’t plan to file a report with the police and that online users have been harassing about her version of events. She does not regret her actions.

“It could be anyone. She said it could have been any Asian person who treated them that way, or a black man at counter. “I would have spoken up, because that’s not okay. It’s not right to treat people in this way to claim that entitlement.”

Featured image via @lycheemarteenee

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