After beating, Van Dijk thinks that Liverpool players should be hard on each other

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Captain Virgil van Dijk actually saw everything go wrong at Liverpool on Sunday in the game with Aston Villa. ‘The Reds’ were surprisingly outplayed in Birmingham (7-2) and matched their biggest loss ever in the Premier League.

Klopp stands up for blundering Adrián

“This was one of those matches where we didn’t play at 100 percent from start to finish,” said Van Dijk Sky Sports. “We are all very disappointed. You cannot lose with these numbers and hopefully that will not happen again.”

Liverpool, so unapproachable last season, was already 4-1 behind Villa Park halfway through. Mohamed Salah was still accurate after the break, but instead of a comeback from the reigning national champion, Aston Villa ran further.

“We also have to compliment Aston Villa for the way they have played, but we should have been much better in all aspects of the game. We have to be very hard on each other now and we will. panic, but we have to step up a gear. “

The upheaval at Liverpool was great after the humiliation by Aston Villa. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp mainly took it on for goalkeeper Adrián, who replaced the injured Alisson under the crossbar. The Spaniard was responsible for the 1-0 due to a wrong input pass and did not look good with several goals, but Klopp does not think he is to blame.

“His action at the first goal was of course not good, but otherwise he could not do much about the goals against. Adrián is a very good goalkeeper. Last season he played eleven league games for us and we won them all,” said Klopp.

“We didn’t help him at all against Aston Villa. In fact, we did the opposite. Almost everyone in the team made big mistakes when conceding goals. Adrián’s mistake was big, but our reaction to the 1-0 was even worse.”

Chances are that Adrián will have to do the honors under the bar in the coming weeks. According to Klopp, Alisson is out for four to six weeks, which would mean that the Brazilian also has to miss the Champions League game with Ajax on October 21.

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