After an abrupt end, Cut and Sewing returns, led by the famous

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Thought for the summer, the fashion reality show hosted by Andrea Politti, who had said goodbye to the screen in August, will return to El Trece in a celebrity version.

Television, like football, among other things, usually give revenge. Perhaps that is why a good program returns that had the afternoons of El Trece and that, in the midst of the quarantine swings, ran out of air: just over two months after its abrupt end Cut and confection prepare your return for the summer.

The return of the fashion reality show hosted by Andrea Politti It will be in “celebrity” format, a formula that is currently being explored with very good results MasterChef on Telefe (in fact it is the most watched on Argentine television). And, with no precise date yet, the return of the program would be for the summer.

The lifting of the cycle, after a short third season and with numbers that are now missed, It was one of the quarantine TV surprises. Cut and confection She had known how to adapt well to the new protocols and had generated a new formula that allowed her to comply with the social distancing between the driver, participants, jury and invited characters.

But in mid-August its end was announced, to give rise to a current affairs magazine, from the same production company, LaFlia, the company of Marcelo tinelli. Thus, on Monday 24 of that month the Women of El Trece They went into the ring, but without a good north. Y in less than two months they also ran out of screen.

The original idea spoke of rotary driving between five very different women: Soledad Silveyra, Claudia Fontán, Teté Coustarot, Jimena Grandinetti and Roxy Vázquez. But on the first day, only four made their debut in the studio, because Vázquez caught the coronavirus and left his home. And once he was able to return, the one who got infected was Fontán, while the rest, being close contact, had to do isolation.

Thus, between guest conductors (such as María Julia Oliván and Flor de la V) and a certain lack of coordination in the team, the program could never be consolidated. It was even tested as a casting segment of the Singing. Once recovered, Fontán decided not to rejoin.

Beyond the second issue numbers, with Jorge Lanata as special guest of the day, the rating never accompanied. And, far from being able to beat direct competition (Cut by Lozano, by Telefe), Women of El Trece scored considerably less than Politti’s reality show. There were days that he did not get to average the three points.

In addition to whether the names chosen to make rotary driving – trying to equate very dissimilar races – were correct, the lack of trials on the one hand and the pre-production via Zoom on the other directly affected the product.

Thus, on Friday, October 16, the magazine lowered the blind, so that from Monday 19 the afternoon of El Trece was reorganized with its three evening programs: 100 Argentines say, Mamushka Y The great prize of the kitchen. The general interest cycle, led by Darius Barassi, was the one that started the best.

But it is seen that now, with time and thinking about a post-quarantine stage, the channel once again bets on the job of Andrea Politti, who had found the DNA of reality Fashion.

True to his style, and from the sidewalk, Veronica Lozano he knew how to put humor to the grid replacement, in an interview with Rodrigo Lussich: “I am always very respectful of my adversaries. I really mean it. It’s not that I’m going like this … But I also say: ‘Another thing is coming again!‘Bye, let the next one pass, guys. Leave me alone, I’m an old lady! “


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