After a game of intrigue on the networks, it was confirmed: Flor Vigna joins MasterChef Celebrity

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During the morning and first afternoon of this Wednesday, Telefe was throwing a clue about who is the figure that joins the contest with celebrities, in a key role.

The new culinary reality of Telefe, MasterChef Celebrity It already has the contestants, the jury and the driver confirmed. However, this Wednesday, early on, the channel provoked the intrigue of several by announcing the incorporation of a new star through the program’s social networks. But he did not give the name. Clarion tells you first: the chosen one is Flor Vigna.

With incognito messages and an image that only revealed the silhouette of the person, the arrival of a new celebrity was announced. According to the clues, It was about an actress who was highly requested by fans and it is the first time that she will be part of Telefe.

Vigna joins the staff of MasterChef, but not to compete: it will be the host of the exclusive digital content of the program. In tech jargon they say “la host digital”.

The dancer and actress, who has more than 5 million followers on Instagram, will share everything that is not seen of the gastronomic cycle. It will show what is behind the scenes of the contest and will collect the testimonies of each of the participants, when preparing a dish and after listening to the feedback from the jury, whether good or bad.

The cycle will have 16 famous participants that will demonstrate their experience – or not – in the kitchen. The jury is made up of Donato De Santis, Germán Martitegui and Damián Betular. Christophe Krywonis was summoned, but decided to get off. Santiago del Moro will be in charge of driving.

The program that will compete with Singing 2020 and Welcome aboard, of El trece, will reveal a new facet of the famous participants, away from the stages and film sets … and from the fields.

Among those who seek to win the award of MasterChef Celebrity is the humorist Roberto Moldavsky. He defines himself as a lover of food, with an all-terrain palate. He loves to cook, a skill that he inherited from his mother and that in recent times he has put into practice more than usual.

Ezequiel Iván Cwirkaluk, known as The Polish, is also encouraged to cook in public. The cumbia singer usually shares on his social networks, together with his family, different meals that he claims to prepare himself. It defines itself as a great steakhouse and promises to surprise the jury with some dishes of Polish origin.

Boy Olmi, renowned actor, driver and director, joins the challenge and, committed to caring for the environment, invites us to rethink food practices. Consider cooking a form of meditation. For him, a glass of wine is the best ally at all meals.

Claudia Villafañe is another one that joined the reality show. She confesses that she enjoys cooking for her family, friends, and especially her grandchildren, Benjamin and Roma, who love her legendary gnocchi. She learned the recipe from her grandmother Petra, inherited from several generations and prepares it on the 29th of each month.

Fede Bal, Iliana Calabró, who is already known for his cooking skills, the former soccer player Turkish Garcia, Analía Franchín, Patricia Sosa, Martín el Mono de Kapanga, Vicky Xipolitakis, Ignacio Sureda, Sofía Pachano, Belu Lucius, Leticia Siciliani and Rocío Marengo -who already participated in the format in Chile- complete the list of participants.


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