After a cry of help, Orange Lionesses may be released from prison

The Sendai Royal Park Hotel Players’ Hotel will allow the Orange Lionesses more freedom of movement. The outcome of discussions between representatives of the Lionesses and the hotel management and people from Tokyo2020 is that the hotel will allow for more freedom of movement. Sarina Wiegman was the national coach and had complained about the conditions she had to live in after the first game against Zambia (win, 10-10) at the Olympics. Wiegman was the one to coin the term “prison” Wednesday.

Wiegman, who was talking to me after the huge victory over Zambia, said that they live in a hotel where we are kept at the back. The Telegraph. “We are not allowed in the public areas, we go through the staff entrance, have to walk through the staff corridors, eat somewhere in the basement. We are also prohibited from going outside. It is a prison. It can’t stay this way any longer. We need to get out of our own way for a while. I won’t even talk about it. It is really impossible for us to contract Covid.”

Wiegman’s “package” of requirements has been fulfilled. “We have therefore succeeded in normalizing life in the bubble and getting some ‘easing’ implemented,” press officer Anja van Ginhoven told the newspaper. “This is a very important step in the context for mental health of athletes. We are very happy with it.

The Orange Lionesses will no longer have access to the hotel via the rear goods entrance or goods lift. Players and supervisors now have normal access to the lobby and main entrance. However, they are not allowed to use the elevators in order to avoid’mixing with guests’. Players are now allowed to enter the kitchen from the dining room or the meeting room. There is also a section in the garden that is exclusively for Dutch people, where you can find chairs and tables.

If there aren’t any other guests, the players can also walk in the park adjacent to the hotel. Management stresses that the team’s basic rules will still apply. This includes wearing face masks and keeping your distance. Participants are forbidden from visiting public places.


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