After 90 minutes of broadcasting time it comes to an embarrassing freak out

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The TV news of the day in the GALA ticker: “The Bachelorette”: After 90 minutes of broadcasting time there is an embarrassing freak out +++ Caro Robens undergoes several cosmetic surgery +++ Jennifer Lange + Andrej Mangold demand live broadcast

TV News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

15th October

“The Bachelorette”: candidate freaks out after the award of roses

“The Bachelorette” is back! On Wednesday evening, Melissa Damilia, 25, met for the first time the 20 men who will be vying for their hearts in the coming weeks. However, one candidate shot himself straight out of the box with his performance. What happened?

Adriano pretends to be macho on the dating show. He makes “nothing burn,” he makes clear. “No matter what comes: left, right, I’ll pick everything up.” The information “I have my flirtatious look there, baby” also fits in with the unsympathetic appearance of the Düsseldorf native. The consequence after 90 minutes of broadcasting time: Melissa does not give the macho man a rose. Adriano has a hard time with the rebuff.

The 35-year-old stares at Melissa in disbelief after her decision. When Melissa asks him to step forward to say goodbye to him, he reacts snuggly: “No way! Where do you live?” Then Adriano tears the microphone and the wiring from his body so that his shirt bursts open.

For the other participants, this reaction is completely out of place. “A complete total failure” is just one of the horrified comments from the single men. And Melissa herself? Smiles away after a brief shock after the embarrassing appearance …

October 14th

Caro Robens undergoes several cosmetic surgeries

Caro Robens, 41, loves her body. The bodybuilder from “Goodbye Germany” trains and pumps as hard as she can and regularly shows her fans the results of her hard work on Instagram. Strong upper arms, tight chest muscles, tense calves – the “Summer House of the Stars” participant is proud of her well-formed curves. But the 41-year-old struggles with one thing: her nose.

The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant can therefore operate this without further ado. Caro Robens is accompanied to the cosmetic surgeon as part of her TV documentary “4 Fists for Mallorca”. The 41-year-old explains to the doctor in Palma de Mallorca that she would like a more feminine face. In the opinion of the doctor, more adjustments are necessary for this. Caro does not hesitate and decides to completely renovate her face. The “Sommerhaus der Stars” candidate promptly has her under-eye bags injected under her nose, her chin emphasized, her ear lobes made smaller and birthmarks removed.

Caro Robens has to pay 6000 euros for the interventions on her face. The TV reality star is happy with the result. And husband Andreas, 53, is also happy. “You should be aware of what today’s medicine has to offer,” explains the muscleman.

October 13th

Jennifer Lange + Andrej Mangold call for live broadcast

Andrej Mangold, 33, and partner Jennifer Lange, 26, have made friends in the “summer house of the stars”, but they have lost some of their fans and even advertising partners. In order to save their reputation, “The Bachelors” are calling for a live broadcast for the reunion episode, in which all celebrities are shown again.

The episode is already there. But Andrej and Jenny are afraid that the scenes will be cut unfavorably. On Instagram they make it clear: “We finally want to speak plainly and face the allegations! The reunion show is currently being recorded and edited by the stars’ summer house,” they wrote. “Would you be interested in a live broadcast to really see the whole truth?” They wanted to know and encouraged everyone to vote on the question.

But the fans had nothing to report at this point. RTL got involved and immediately took all hope from the couple. “Like all previous episodes, the ‘Summer House of the Stars – Fight of the Promipaare’ is not live. And, as usual, the ‘The great reunion’ is not live,” it now says in an RTL statement to the “Bild.” As planned, the reunion episode on November 1st will be cut together

October 12th

“The summer house of the stars”: kiss for Andreas Robens – but not from Caro

Diana Herold, 46, and her partner Michael, 48, managed to win a game in the eighth episode of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” and thus avoid being nominated. Her surprise was so great that Herold expressed her joy a little too exuberantly to her colleague Andreas Robens. And so it happened:

Robens was sure that he and his wife Caro would have to leave the cabin in the next round. Diana whispered in his ear: “No, I will not let you go!” and then gave him a big smack on the mouth – at least it looked like that. For YouTubers Lisha and Lou, the situation was clear. The next escalation at the “Summer House of the Stars” is inevitable.

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