Although we believed it was impossible, sports at home have not only captivated us… but we’ve found that it can be very effective! So much so that there are already many who have set up a small gym in the living room where nothing is missing, from dumbbells to the elastic bands that have given so much to talk about in recent weeks. ORa new hobby indoor very healthy that has even led us to worry more about eating a healthy and balanced diet, in which we have learned not to miss practically any product.

But, there is a problem lurking: the countdown to Christmas has already started. Although it is true that there are still a couple of months to receive everything that these dates bring with them, those who they have been worrying all year to maintain or improve the line they already tremble at the thought of the gastronomy typical of the festivities … Starting with the delicious chocolate whims of the Advent calendars. And, although there are options that do not include anything gastronomic, such as beauty that are so successful every Christmas, those who bet on gourmet or food products are gaining more ground every day.

Thus, we find those that await the next parties with caviar, with snacks salty and even with beers. But what about our goals fitness? Although we are aware that December is a complicated month when it comes to maintaining the line, if we start several weeks before the official holidays to enjoy these delicacies nothing healthy things get even more complicated and we don’t want to spoil all the effort we’ve invested. Luckily, we have the solution to be able to enjoy an Advent calendar without regrets. This is the Foodspring proposal, an alternative aimed at maintaining adequate sports nutrition. How do they do it? With a ‘fit’ calendar to enjoy a Christmas … in shape!

Foodspring’s ‘fit’ Advent calendar.

With this Advent calendar we can allow ourselves to enjoy the weeks before Christmas and, thus, prepare our bodies for the great feasts of this time. For this reason, at Foodspring they offer an alternative to the traditional chocolate calendar in which, every day For 24 days, the owners of this delicacy will find products to pamper themselves while helping to maintain the line. Although its content is surprising, we can find some of the most popular products of the brand, such as protein balls or even bars.

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