Adriane Galisteu details body care: ‘I like to work out, to stay thin’

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Adriane Galisteu spoke about aesthetic standards on her YouTube channel. Always praised for her neat and stylish productions, the presenter said she became “neurotic” with the subject. “I like to work out, to stay thin. But it is to feel good. I am from the time when fat screamed in the eyes of those who worked with fashion in a very bad way. If you climbed 2 kg on the scale, someone already spoke ‘oh, it’s out of shape’. I think it’s disgusting, “said the 47-year-old artist.

Adriane Galisteu comments on her relationship with her own body

Galisteu reflected on his own experience in relation to weight control. “I ended up finding all this very normal, becoming ‘slave’, in some way, to diet and ‘good shape’. Good shape in someone’s head, right? Thank goodness all that has passed. I’m talking about when I was 12, 13 [anos], that I started to understand a little about sensuality … I’m not saying this here to say that those who have cellulite are ugly, those who are chubby ‘I don’t know what’. I just want to open my heart, and as this subject has always permeated my life, I thought it was a good tone to talk about it “, he explained.

Presenter talks about cellulite

Adriane also addressed self-acceptance. More and more famous have been exchanging edited photos for others that show reality. All for the sake of self-love. “I believe that cellulite is not a ghost, a problem, and we can easily have a very good relationship with them. But if they bother you a lot … I don’t like seeing cellulite on my butt. I do, but thanks to God the ass is behind. I love what we are seeing a lot on social networks, women accepting their body, their imperfections according to our eyes because each body is a body, a design, and we have to deal with it in the best possible way “, he pointed out .

Actress says she’s neurotic with weight

Galisteu also spoke about his physical form: “We should have done this many years ago. I think it’s amazing how it released the weight of my generation a little bit and that lived from the image and has this thing of running after the perfect body. Everyone thinks I’m a bit neurotic because of my workout, that I like to stay thin. And you got it right, I’m kind of neurotic and because of my workout and because I like to be thin. It is true. But this is not something that hurts me. It makes me sick to look in the mirror and not like the image I’m seeing. And it doesn’t make you any less if you’re the type who doesn’t care. It is a delicate subject, but one that torments “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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