OK !: Did the pandemic ever frighten you?

Adrian Enache: Well! Not at all! The virus exists, but we are not talking about a pandemic, but an epidemic. This is World War III bacteriological-economic. We live in fear and manipulation, that’s about it.

How do you protect yourself? Do you disinfect more often, do you avoid going out in certain places?

I didn’t do anything different from what I normally do. Life as an athlete makes you have a certain behavior, to train, to vitaminize. I know exactly what’s good for me and how to boost my immunity. And not for now, but for a long time, and hand washing is normal. I didn’t need this virus to find out. I’ve known her since I was little, from my grandparents. And my friends were joking about it, seeing how careful I am in this regard, that’s why the pharmacy hired me to advertise them. I do not disinfect more often and I do not avoid going out in certain places. I see my life as before. Anyway, I don’t think something is right. For example, this year I received a proposal to star in my first feature film dedicated to the pandemic. I accepted and the filming lasted a week, during which time I had to play with the mask on my mouth. I felt bad, something is wrong.

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