A top-level footballer has any kind of vice within his grasp. Be it an out of class, a player of average hair or a pufo, all or almost all end up enjoying the party and the ‘sins’ that it entails.

Adil Rami remembers those times now that he lives in a second level team like him Good view. The Frenchman, former player of the Valencia, Sevilla, Milan o Fenerbahce, assures that he had many temptations within his reach. “Without my friends it would have been quite difficult. On vacation you meet so many easy women, with guys with pockets full of drugs … If I had been a little less mentally strong, I was dead,” he admitted in an interview to RMC Sport.

The ex-husband of Pamela Anderson has a thousand and one anecdotes, some of them with football legends like Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Like so many others, he takes advantage of his matches to get a good collection of shirts, and in the case of the Portuguese he has three.

“The first time I faced Cristiano, he accepted easily. The second time, I asked him again and he gave it to me without any problem. With all the respect in the world, he took mine. But on the third, I asked him during the game. He laughed and asked how many I already had. Still, he agreed to give it to me. At the end I saw him leaving the dressing room very angry and I didn’t say anything to him, but he called me, took off his shirt, waited for mine and wished me good luck. An elegant gesture, “he recalls.