With Antti Rein, 56, is behind thirty years of working in films, TV series and theater stages. As an actor, she’s got to experience things you might not experience in a traditional eight to four office job.

In his work, he has explored different aspects of humanity and, as a public figure, he has also been able to taste prejudice.

– When my The city book came out, I got a message on social media from a person. It was said that when I’m an actor, so I figure my worth to stay in acting, when I went to write the novel. I asked this person what was bothering me about the book. I was interested to know how the reader experienced my novel. The person replied “I haven’t had time to read yet.” This is how we humans are, quite humorous in all our contradictions, Reini laughs in an interview with Iltalehti.

The one who will premiere on October 9 also tells about the prejudices Teemu Nikin guided NIMBYfilm in which the Rhine plays a role as a chameleon-like politician.

– The goal of the municipal politician I have presented is to move forward in his career, and in order to succeed in it, he must be as pleasant as possible in every direction. This type of person can be found in every workplace, like other types of people in film. The film features fundamentalism and liberalism, the Bible and Tarot cards.

It suits the Rhine. He himself is a mixture of an urban urban man and a world man who enjoys nature alone. There are opinions, but also tolerance for difference.

– I’ve been trying to get a variety of restrictive beliefs altogether. For example, I resigned from church as a teenager just before I had to go to a penitentiary. I did it because I had read the Bible twice already, and I didn’t want to have to deal with religion spread by sword and destruction, rape, and rape. Religions are not evil in themselves, it is about what has been done under their guise.

Places for growth

Life has provided opportunities to grow. The births of her own three daughters have been important places for the Rhine. As a father came a new kind of responsibility.

– I’ve learned a lot about myself and the relationship to the environment, and the way to communicate. The children have reminded me of the importance of encounter. Every moment can be like magic. Had I stopped wondering about the wonders of the world? The children opened my eyes to see things differently and reminded me of my curiosity about life, the actor reflects.

Now the daughters are already on the verge of adulthood.

Reini lives the life of a freelance artist and entrepreneur. In July, he rode a motorcycle from Spain to Finland and enjoyed the movement.

– Traveling is a part of my life. I’m curious about new places. I do not always know where I’m going, and I feel just and I enjoy.

When he was younger, he sought his place by fierce means. As a novice actor, Antti Reini worked like a frenzy and got tired. At some point, intoxicants got lost in the pattern. They he left more than 15 years ago.

– I wanted to show that I can stand it and it went far beyond strength. I was relieved when I gave up the desire to adapt and started to boldly move forward on my own path, she says now.

The life of the 56-year-old Rhine does not include unnecessary gossip and Performance Focus. No five-year plans will be seen by the actor.

– I bet that some of them went to the half-year plans spoiled by this spring, he refers to the corona-time changes brought about.

– I don’t think about my career in a career-oriented way, and I’m not dealing with people to advance my career. Of course, there are people who have helped me move forward, especially with my own projects, thank them .. I work on a small scale through my own company, I try to develop that in myself. That’s not my strongest point, he admits with a smile.

One professional dream still exists.

– Sometimes I would like to write a book without having to think about how to finance it. It would be wonderful to write in peace somewhere that there is no need to think about the financial side. That is quite feasible, one day it will still be successful. You can do your part for this.


The actor was featured this week Saara Kotkaniemen an extensive survey of 40 front-line Finnish actors and 20 directors about their experiences with sex attacks. Antti Reini says that he has no negative perceptions of the scenes he has made.

– I have boundaries. I have kept them tightly closed. I haven’t come across such a problematic situation myself, but in some productions as male actors, we’ve questioned expectations of a female co-actor. Is it necessary for a woman, for example, in a scene naked if it is in no way justified? We have challenged the director in such a thing, Reini says.

– During the Metoo debate, this demarcation is wooden and it is great. Now I haven’t had sex scenes in a while. Most of them that I have been doing, have done discretely. It depends on the angle of view and the cut.

The actor says he understands that drawing boundaries doesn’t come from everyone quite naturally.

– It is individual how each of those sex scenes experiences. As a man, it has been easier to hit the limits at the counter. The focus is more on the woman, which is unfortunate.

– It is understandable that not everyone can make boundaries in those situations. For example, someone who has just entered the industry may not be afraid to say everything because there may be a fear that you will no longer get a dune. I’ve been lucky that I’ve got to work with such directors to focus not had sex scenes. Good!