In response to the quoted supply, the actor had very low oxygen saturation. When he was taken by ambulance, it was 70. Medical doctors gave him oxygen.

On the hospital, nonetheless, the situation worsened and the saturation dropped to 60. At present, the actor is intubated.

Ion Dichiseanu was born on October 20, 1933, in Adjud. He graduated from the Institute of Theater and Cinematography in 1959. He had an extended exercise on the Nottara Theater and in cinematography, based on the web site.

From the wealthy filmography of the artist, we point out: “Darclée” (1960), “Publish-restant” (1961), “Porto-Franco” (1961), “Tudor” (1962), “Titanic waltz” (1964) – Gigi Stamatescu , “Whims 1900” (1964), “Spherical 6” (1965), “Past the Barrier” (1965), “The Tunnel” (1966), “The Stunning Holidays (1967),” The Footprint “(1967),” The Battle for Rome “(1968),” The Adventures of Tom Sawyer “(1968),” The Battle of the Girls “(1969),” The Fort of the Condemned “(1970),” Songs of the Sea “(1971),” Among the many Inexperienced Hills “(1971),” Freckled “(TV sequence, 1973),” The Romanian Musketeer “(1975),” Cantemir “(1975),” All of the sails up “(TV sequence, 1977),” For the homeland “(1978),” Songs, melodies “( 1978), “Revenge” (1978), “The Final Frontier of Dying” (1979), “The Second” (1979), “Burebista” (1980), “The Yellow Rose” (1982), “The Conquest of England” (1982), “The Mysteries of Bucharest” (1983), “Love and Revolution” (1983), “Racolarea” (1985), “The Dying Triangle” (1999), “15” (2005), “The Voice of the Coronary heart” (2006), “The Survivor” (2008).

On the Nottara Theater he performed in lots of performs, some of the profitable exhibits being “The Little Hell”, through which he performed with Silvia Dumitrescu Timică, Lucia Mureşan, Ştefan Radof. He has additionally been within the distribution of many TV theater and radio theater exhibits.