Everything that surrounded the life of Diego Armando Maradona was always disproportionate and with a point of madness. His farewell, of course, could not be less. Argentina went crazyor after knowing the death of Pelusa and passion overflowed in the streets to give a heartfelt goodbye to Diego not exempt from some incidents caused by the overwhelming passion of his fans.

The burning chapel installed in the Casa Rosada, the seat of the Argentine Government, opened at seven in the morning (local time). I was scheduled to do it later, at ten, but the presence of thousands of fans who endured without sleeping on the street caused the schedule to be advanced.

After receive an intimate farewell With his family, friends and some authorities at his residence in Tigre, the place where he died, the coffin was taken under police escort to Buenos Aires. Of course, the trip was not done alone, hundreds of fans accompanied the procession to the entrance to the Buenos Aires capital.

At the opening of the wake there were some riots which forced the Casa Rosada headquarters to close for a few minutes, although it could later be reopened. The chants were constant and the anger over the death of Maradona led to some riots with fans on the brink of despair. The police had to intervene to appease them and to prevent avalanches from occurring at the entrance to the burning chapel.

As the day went on the tension went to more. The thousands of people who had gathered caused the burning chapel hours to be increased by three more hours, but the fans wanted more. Several fans threw down the bars of the Government House, the police fired pepper spray and the situation got out of control, with several people invading the interior of the Casa Rosada. For security reasons, Maradona’s casket had to be removed two hours earlier than planned and access to fans was closed as riots continued outside.

The other controversy of the day came with a letter from Matías Morla, Maradona’s lawyer, who believes that there was medical negligence in Pelusa’s death. “It is inexplicable that for 12 hours my friend has not had attention or control from health personnel dedicated to these ends. The ambulance took more than half an hour to arrive which was a criminal idiocy. This fact should not be overlooked and I will ask that the consequences be investigated until the end, “he denounced.

If everything follows the planned script, Maradona will be buried at dawn this Friday in a cemetery in Buenos Aires. It is a private place, ‘Garden of Peace’, where the remains of his parents, Diego Maradona and Dalma Salvadora Franco, already rest. An ideal name for what El Pelusa deserves and needs: finally resting in peace.