About son Rome: “We love everything about him!”

Mario and Ann-Kathrin Götze reveal in GALA who will change their little son’s diapers faster – and who the little one looks like.

Football world champion Mario Götze, 28, and his wife, model and influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze, 30, have been parents of a son since June 5th: Little Rome makes them very happy. His start in life went differently than planned, the baby was born seven weeks before the expected due date.

In the GALA interview, Mario + Ann-Kathrin Götze rave about their son

The family spent the first time in the hospital. In order to help parents who are experiencing the same thing, the Götzes are now supporting the Pampers campaign “Sleep well”. The company has specially developed a diaper for premature babies so that they can sleep as well as possible and develop well. The commitment is a matter of the heart for Mario and Ann-Kathrin.

GALA: Rome is almost six months old now. What do you particularly like about him?
Mario Götze: Everything! Rome is a real sunshine and always exudes a good mood. Most of the time he is so sweet and smiles at us. He is also very curious and observes a lot. But the best thing about him is his engaging smile.

Is it already becoming apparent who it will come after?
Ann-Kathrin Götze: Now a lot like his father. He has many distinctive features of Mario and looks very similar to him in his pictures of children.
Mario: But there is also a lot from his mom, for example the hair or the small ears.

“When changing diapers, Mario can’t hold a candle to me”

Ann-Kathrin, how is Mario doing as a dad in your eyes?
Ann-Kathrin: Really good! He is incredibly loving and attentive and in his spare time he takes very good care of Rome. Both of them always love to cuddle on the couch. BS: Germany’s soccer stars

Who winds faster?
Ann-Kathrin: When changing diapers, Mario can’t hold a candle to me. (laughs)

How did you end up supporting the Pampers’ premature baby campaign?
Mario: We believe it is important to educate people about the subject and show them that it can affect anyone. There is a lot of support for premature babies and their parents in Germany. We should be extremely grateful for that. But it is important that this help continues in the future. This requires the support of all of us. If you can do this by buying Pampers diapers, that’s a great start.

“We were always worried”

Were you very scared for your baby in June?
Ann-Kathrin: On the day Rome was born, everything happened extremely quickly and he had to be fetched. At first we didn’t know how he was doing and whether he was missing something. The time in the hospital was very intense. We were always worried. We couldn’t adapt to this situation in advance, so we were very happy to have an experienced team at our side and to find these good conditions.

Mario, you did not play your farewell game at BVB in June, for the sake of your wife and son. Wasn’t that difficult for you?
Mario: I knew that as soon as Rome was there, he would be our new center of life and I would do everything according to him. When he was born prematurely, I had to decide whether I wanted to stay with the team due to the Covid 19 requirements or go to my son’s hospital. Of course, I didn’t think for a second. I had full backing from the club.

How has your relationship changed since you became a parent?
Ann-Kathrin: We’ve been together for a long time. We talk to each other a lot and we look after each other very much. Everyone makes sure that the other is well – and also intervenes when the stress gets too great. It is extremely important.
Mario: We have always taken time out when we don’t talk about our job, but just focus on ourselves. Since Rome has been here, we have paid more attention to it.


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