Abel Ferrara will blow up the Vatican in Zeros and Ones with Ethan Hawke

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Zeros and Ones is the title of the strange war film that Abel Ferrara will soon direct in Rome and which will star Ethan Hawke.

Abel Ferrara, one of the greatest American independent directors of all time, is now Italian indeed Roman by adoption, since he took up residence with us. It is therefore not surprising that he is shooting his next film in Italy, since it is not the first time. If anything, it is surprising that, in a decisive change of pace, he is about to direct an action film, war, spy and so on, with Ethan Hawke, titled Zeros and Ones, which he also wrote.

In the movie, Hawke will be JJ, an American soldier stationed in Rome under siege, in lockdown and at war. The Vatican being blown up in the night sky is just the beginning of our hero’s journey, to discover and defend against an unknown enemy that threatens the lives of the entire world.

If this plot seems strange to you, know that this is what the Hollywood Reporter reports: we have limited ourselves to translating it. We are definitely curious about this foray by Abel Ferrara in the war vein (or dystopian? science fiction? action?). After all, he describes it like this:

“Zeros and Ones is a film about lockdown and war, danger and espionage, American soldiers, Chinese intermediaries, Middle Eastern holy men, provocateurs, diplomats, deviant elements of the CIA and the KGB. I can’t wait to start shooting next week safely because this film was written during and with the understanding of the pandemic. “

There are also in the cast Cristina Chiriac, wife of Ferrara, e Phil Neilson.


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