Actor Aake Kalliala sold his detached house in Käpylä, Helsinki, four years ago.

– It was my home for 30 years. The decision to sell was not wary, leaving it caused only a slight blink, Aake says.

The new home was found in Mikkeli, a familiar childhood hometown. There is also the Aake summer cottage in Mikkeli, where there is commendably little distance from home.

Start your career from your favorite series

Aake Kalliala already had a young spark as an actor, but the man graduated from Restaurant School Perho for the restaurant industry. In the restaurant, he threw his chores from the kitchen boy all the way to the hall.

– I haven’t been a doorman, but all the other things had to be done there.

At the same time, the young man also performed in a restaurant, nowadays they could be called stand-up gigs.

Eventually, Aake’s friend patted him to apply to the Theater Academy, brought brochures and everything.

– I put in the search papers and then I got there, Aake times.

In the final year of the Theater Academy, Aake was enlisted in MTV’s favorite series, The Liars’ Club.

Lived in 1982 and Aake in his thirties charmed female TV viewers in particular with his brown leather jacket and dude-like appearance.

– Then it left. Immediately after graduation, I was hired at the Lappeenranta City Theater. From there, I drove my neck in a Fiat 127 car to Helsinki for TV filming and then back to Lappeenranta. The theater had only one day off, Monday.

Reprimands from the Office of the President

Soon Aake became a freelancer and since then there have been enough jobs. From the beginning, he profiled himself strongly as a comedy actor with sketch programs.

– ÄWPK, Tabu, Smiley Lips, Pulttibois, Tsa, Tsa, Tsaa, Aake lists his TV work tube that started in the 80’s.

Sometimes the humor was roaring too, but he doesn’t regret any work done, let alone feel the need to apologize.

– Maybe then there was a slight exaggeration when I imitated bluntly Martti Ahtisaari. At that time, a message came from the President’s Office that now we went too far. It was such a message that the imitation of Ahtisaari ended there.

According to Kalliala, the context of the imitation was such that the reproach was justified. Admittedly, it was useless to dream of the Castle’s invitation after that. Of course, such came to Kalliala, but the president Sauli Niinistö during.

His own life has survived the life of Kalliala and Pirkka-Pekka Petelius Rampe and Naukkis characters born from the Pulttibois series. The characters were also made into a movie, Rampe & Naukkis – an all-time super couple.

Since then, the collaboration between Kalliala and Petelius froze, but Aake does not want to return to more detailed details.

– They just become useless titles, the actor acknowledges.

A dull end to a favorite series

In addition to sketch sets, there has also been enough work on the big screen and in more serious roles. The whole 90s was a busy time, in addition to living sweetened born in the late 80s Ina-daughter.

– In those years, I was pretty much away from home, Aake admits.

– On the other hand, we had a good community in Käpylä, on the same street within a radius of a hundred meters lived both Actors and other people in the TV industry, such as Kinnusen Heikki, Lake Pena and Age Matti, Aake lists.

In the gardens, common work patterns were devised and the children ran from house to house.

In 1999, Aake was able to bleed his education in the restaurant industry with a TV show when he and Saku Kuosmanen came up with a program called Aake and Saku Summer Kitchen.

– The idea was that we prepared food with a celebrity guest, Aake says.

The scene was Aake’s cottage on the shores of Lake Saimaa. And when two rather grumpy men made unpretentious food with interesting celebrity guests in beautiful summer scenery, success was guaranteed.

– Guests included Teemu Selänne, Nylon Beat, Juha Kankkunen, Aake lists.

– The audience numbers were high, and the program schedules for next summer had already been drawn on the calendar. Then the production company went bankrupt and the program idea was buried.

Gray fever struck

Aake’s busiest years could be called an actual mad mill. In addition to his hard work, the man became one of Finland’s most famous celebrities.

Yet Aake has always managed to keep his feet firmly on the ground. He didn’t go hovering even when Harrick’s Fever struck.

– I went with a scary Jacob wrestler with myself, will I buy a bike or not?

In the end, the bike fever won, but here, too, Aake had common sense.

– I have only had one loan in my life, it is a mortgage. If there had been no bicycle money in the bag, I would not have taken out a loan for it.

On his first bike summer, Aake rumbled 10,000 miles on his Harley Davidson bike.

– That’s a lot of it, now even in a year the car doesn’t get that amount.

Enjoys her role as a dad

Aake is currently enjoying his retirement days in Mikkeli.

The motorcycle has changed into an electric bike, with which he rumbles on the jogging paths of Kalevankangas.

Health is also in good shape, secondary diabetes, which erupted a few years ago, is under control.

The man enjoys being alone, accompanied by good friends and a Labradoodle Hönö dog.

– My daughter’s achievement, Aake says.

– I’ve always been a dog of a loved one, but the last dog was already 10 years.

Life is currently sweetened especially by the children of Ina’s daughter, a 5-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter.

– Lord God, the amount of energy as they spin here. The girl is even wilder than the boy, all the while getting her heart pounding to see where she has now climbed.

– The grandchildren get a smile on my lips. Even after their departure, he still smiles for a long time, Aake admits, and says he enjoys his role as a dad.

Loved by children and dogs

Still, Aake receives job offers, but he receives them thoughtfully.

The man is not going to celebrate his holiday, as after his 40th birthday, he decided that it should be the last celebration.

– There was a group of friends here who went to congratulate. Age is just numbers, I also feel like I’m 80, the man laughs.

One role work in Aake’s long work history is worth mentioning. He was involved in Yle’s favorite series, Kotikatu.

– It was such a great work community that it was really like going home.

In the archives of Iltalehti, you can find a funny characterization of Aake Kalliala from the very times of Kotikatu, when he played a kind shot in the series.

– Aake is the kind of man that kids and dogs like, the characterization made by the reporter was heard.

Self-praise does not belong to the nature of the aake.

– But if that has been said, then it matches, Aake, who turns 70 on October 5, admits.