These are the young woman’s parents and three of their children, according to some sources.
The parents were detained on Friday evening, after the end of their trial in Becancon, and they were sentenced in the first instance to one year in prison, four of which with suspension, and to a ban on access to France for five years.
The girl’s uncle and aunt, also convicted like their parents, benefit from refugee status.
The 17-year-old will be in the care of the French authorities and when she becomes an adult she will receive a residence permit in France.
The case of the Bosnian girl aroused strong emotions in France, and in August Minister Darmanin assured that the guilty persons will be expelled after the end of the judicial proceedings.
At the hearings, the young woman and her boyfriend’s family, present at the time of the events of August 17, stated that the girl was taken to her room, beaten by the four adults and shaved on the head by her uncle.
The parents, the uncle and the aunt admitted some of the facts imputed to them and claimed that the father was the one who shaved the girl in the head to punish her, so that she would not come out after the young woman had run away. with her boyfriend, the two missing four days. The young woman’s boyfriend is three years older than her.