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Like any citizen, young Dubliner Darren Barnwell asked the police for help when he claughed having lost a bag on the train that took him from the Irish capital to the city of Cork, in the south of the country, in August 2018.

However, Barnwell, who is now 20 years old, was not just any citizen then, but a courier for drug traffickers who transported cocaine worth 40,000 euros, as ruled by a Cork court.

Apparently the young he feared his bosses more than the authorities and he did not hesitate to telephone a police station to report, in a state of agitation, the loss of his paper bag, which he believed he had left on the train.

The newspaper ‘Irish Times‘detailed today that Barnwell first had an altercation with the security personnel of the Kent station because They did not let him return to the wagon to look for his valuable cargo.

So he turned to the Garda (Irish police), who had already been informed about the heated discussion that the “post” had had with security.

According to his own testimony, Barnwell later recalled that he had walked into a nearby store. And he was lucky, because the clerks had the bag and also stated that they had not looked inside.

Exited the trade “in a panic” and a Garda patrol stopped him to examine the bag and discover a large quantity of white powder, which turned out to be cocaine, according to what the agent in charge of the investigation, Kieran O’Sullivan, testified during the trial.

Barnwell pleaded guilty to possessing narcotic drugs with the intention of supplying them to third parties and Judge Sean O’Donnabhain sentenced him to four years in prison.

However, the magistrate he commuted the punishment for community workAs the young man has no prior record and, for the past two years, he has not reappeared on the Garda’s “radar”.

At his sentencing, the judge said that “The crime” committed by Barnwell was “unusual”, although maybe he meant “stupid.”



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