Decorated with amber panels supported by gold leaf and mirrors, the Amber Hall is located in the Catherine Palace, located 30 kilometers south of St. Petersburg, and was last seen after it was rebuilt in Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad). from Russia), writes The Guardian.

The ship Karlsruhe left the port of Konigsberg in 1945, carrying a very heavy cargo on board, being sunk shortly after departure by Soviet aircraft off the coast of Poland. The divers announced that the wreck discovered was that of the Karlsruhe steamer.

“We have been looking for the wreck since last year, when we realized that that wreck could house the most interesting and elucidated story lying on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It is practically intact. In its hold, we discovered military vehicles, porcelain and many crates whose contents they are still unknown, “said diver Tomasz Stachura.

Karslruhe took part in Operation Hannibal, one of the largest sea evacuations in human history, which helped more than a million German and civilian troops in East Prussia escape the siege of Soviet troops by the end of World War II. World.

“All these details stimulate the imagination. The discovery of the German ship and the crates with still unknown contents resting on the bottom of the Baltic Sea could be important for the whole story (of the Amber Salon),” added diver Tomasz Zwara.

The Amber Hall was built in Prussia and then offered to Tsar Peter the Great of Russia in 1716. German troops dismantled it and transported it to Konigsberg during World War II, from where it disappeared during the Allied raids. they bombed the city.