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A woman from Ohio, in the United States, was electrocuted and detained for refusing to drop out of a school football game after police said they refused to comply with the school’s policy of wearing a mask while watching the game.

Alecia Kitts was in the stands watching his son’s soccer game in Logan, Ohio, on Wednesday when police he says a school resource officer asked him to wear a mask. She refused, saying she had asthma. Logan police said Officer Chris Smith told him that if he did not wear the mask, they would ask him to leave.

At a news conference Friday, Gov. Mike DeWine said Kitts was told that if he has asthma, he could put on a face shield and come back for the game. “The woman continually refused his request and Officer Smith informed her that if she refused to leave, she would be cited for trespassing and escorted off the property, “the Logan Police Department said in a statement on Facebook.

“After several attempts to get her out, Officer Smith informed him that he was under arrest for criminal trespass and asked her to put her hands behind her back several times and she refused. “Video of the incident shows Kitts yelling,” Let go of me! You’re not arresting me for nothing. I’m not doing anything wrong!”.

Police say Smith tried to put his hand behind his back and Kitts resisted. “Officer Smith advised him to comply Or he would deploy his Taser if he didn’t stop resisting. She continued to resist and Officer Smith placed his Taser on her shoulder area and stunned her once, “police said.

Marietta City Schools Superintendent Will Hampton explained to CNN that not wearing a mask is a violation of the guidelines issued by the governor and the Ohio High School Athletic Association to all Ohio districts. “

“It is vitally important to understand that if we want to continue enjoying athletics, these are the rules that we must follow“If spectators choose not to follow orders from the governor and the OHSAA, we could lose the opportunity to participate in our student athletes’ athletic competitions, and our ability as spectators to cheer them on,” Hampton said in a statement.



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