Wildfires have raged in the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The 5,895-meter-high Kilimanjaro tree line runs for about three kilometers. Above it is a bush and heather moorland for up to about four miles.

Right up the mountain there is practically nothing burning.

The fire broke out as early as Sunday, but has now been extinguished for several days. In addition to firefighters involved local residents and students.

Awkward to turn off

The fire started in the Whona area, a popular starting point for climbers.

– The fire is big and we will continue to fight against it, says the deputy director of the local nature authority Alex Kisingo news agency Reuters.

According to Kisingo, a fire burning in the mountains is difficult to put out.

The strong wind at first spread the fire quickly, but now the weather has calmed down.

Popular tourist attraction

About 50,000 tourists visit Kilimanjaro every year. Coron summer has certainly been quieter.

It is known that a German geologist was the first to climb to the highest peak of the mountain, Uhuru Peak. Hans Meyer and Austrian Ludwig Purtscheller October 6, 1889.

Today, it is relatively easy to climb the sloping Kilimanjaro, the trails are good. Tourists typically spend about a week on the climb.

The Spaniard has a speed record for climbing to the top Kílian Jornetilla. He ran to the top in 2010 at 5.23.50. At the same time, he broke the record for climbing back and forth by 6.29 hours.