Valtteri Bottas may be upright after his Portuguese GP time trial result. The second square was no shame, there was a strong mood to do when driving the van.

Bottas dominated the sessions until the times of the time trials. The result already seemed to be the fourth pile of the season until Lewis Hamilton enchanted himself to the top spot.

Hamilton drove two time laps at the time of the decision, Bottas one. It proved to be a decisive factor in the pile fight.

Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehto gives his countryman handsome praise.

– Valtteri has been driving really well all weekend. Overall, driving has been much sharper than with Hamilton.

Former F1 driver and current TV expert Karun Chandhok suspected on Twitter Hamilton intentionally hides his pace in rehearsals and early stages of time trials to lull Bottas into a false belief in his possibilities.

Järvilehto considers this nonsense.

– It’s not even possible. And after watching Valtter this weekend, Hamilton has been honestly slower, except for the last lap.

Challenging stations

In terms of Bottas ’race, getting into the second box was a bad thing.

– Getting started on the dirty side makes hitting Hamilton a difficult task. It’s hard to pass on the track and following another eats wildly tires on a track with fast bends. Valtter’s job is to get to the top at the start. It is easy to control the race from number one.