Vloggeriţa Lamu, 30, of Sichuan Province, gained online popularity with positive posts about country life and received praise for not wearing makeup in broadcasts. Lamu was very popular on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, where he had hundreds of thousands of fans. Her videos have garnered millions of accolades over time.

According to Chinese state media, shortly after Lamu started a live broadcast on September 14, her screen went black.

Her ex-husband, identified only by the name Tang, allegedly entered the house armed with a knife and gasoline.

A statement from the Jinchuan Public Security Bureau said that after the September 14 attack, the young woman was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to another in Sichuan for complex treatment.

However, the young woman suffered burns on 90% of her body surface and died two weeks after the attack, on September 30.

According to the Beijing Youth daily, the ex-husband was repeatedly violent, which is why Lamu divorced him earlier this year. They had two children together and each won custody of a child.

Shortly after the divorce, Tang threatened to kill a child if Lamu did not remarry him. Frightened, the woman accepted, but ran away from home after a few days and hid. The man brutally beat his wife’s sister to make her tell her where she was hiding. The family reported him to the police, but according to them, no action was taken.

Eventually, Lamu divorced again, and the man won custody of both children.

Police said Tang was detained on September 14, and the man was charged with premeditated murder.

The case sparked intense discussions on the Weibo social network, causing hysteria on social networks about violence against women in China. More than 70 million people have used a hashtag that mentions the woman’s death. One user said he hoped “after that,” women will be given more protection. “

Another attacked the police: “Where were you when the complaint was made? Why didn’t you care? “

This is not the first time a victim of domestic violence has encountered difficulties with China’s judiciary. Earlier this year, a woman was beaten so brutally by her husband that she jumped out of the window to escape. She later tried to divorce him, providing evidence of the event. The court refused to grant her a divorce.

Earlier this year, China introduced a 30-day “relaxation” period before allowing couples to divorce to allow both sides to reconsider their decision. This has raised some concerns that victims of domestic abuse may be forced to change their minds at that time. The law, which will come into force in 2021, does not apply to families with a history of domestic violence, although some associations say many cases are not reported to police.