A video that went viral and that unleashed criticism against Lionel Messi and his passivity

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Radio, TV and newspaper programs refer to a moment when the Argentine did not get involved in an isolated play of the match with Dinamo Kiev.

Lionel Messi scored the goal that led to Barcelona’s triumph in their third appearance in the Champions League, where they lead Group G with an ideal score. However, at this time in Spain there is only talk of a viral video in which the captain is seen walking instead of pressuring a Dynamo Kiev player who passes him by.

Positioned as the most advanced player on the team at that point in the game, the image is not really new. Messi has been choosing when to press and when not to press for some time. In the famous 2-8 against Bayern for the last Champions, both the Argentine and Luis Suárez were in evidence by the zero intense pressure they exerted on the rival centrals when they decided to drive and advance on the field.

“Do you think Barsa lacks attitude?”, Was the question that multiplied in the social networks of the media when the match that Ronald Koeman’s team won 2-1 at the Camp Nou ended.

In the program The spar, from Ser string, the journalist Sique Rodriguez stressed that Koeman had said that when pressing all the players should do it and he questioned his teammates: “Who is the one who does not press? Messi. Leo no longer arrives, because he cannot dribble three players and put her inside. If you talk about everyone having to push, then you have to point to Messi. Leo has an impact and is the best player in history, but little by little he has to lose weight in the team. And this is going to be traumatic. “

Manu Carreño said: “I am convinced that Koeman is the first who does not ask Messi to press”. While Julio Pulido, one of the program’s columnists, added: “When has Messi been known for pressing? If the problem of Barcelona is that Messi does not press, turn off and we go“.

“In addition to generating goals, assists and great opportunities in attack, does Messi now have to defend and put pressure on for 90 minutes?” They questioned in front of a video that soon became a meme or received criticism from the fans. “A lack of respect for the players and the club, which pays them millions of dollars,” someone wrote on Twitter from the anonymity of the social network.

On the popular TV show The beach bar they wondered if Messi is sad, physically ill or in decline, while his driver, Josep Pedrerol, dedicated his editorial to the Argentine. “Messi continues being the best but Leo is sad”, affirmed.

In Mundo Deportivo, finally, they pointed out that “Ronald Koeman was desperate and jaded”, because “the coach eloquently complained talking to his assistant” about the way his team was putting pressure on the rival. “He despaired, speaking towards the field giving orders to his players in a vehement way. He denied,” they wrote in the Catalan newspaper.

Precisely, that demand that the Dutchman demanded and that in the video was not noticed in Messi is the one that opens the debate at this time in Spain. Despite the fact that those who came out to defend him showed the complete image of the playing field, not cropped, in which it is noted that the ten Barcelona field players are defending well standing, behind the ball line.

Messi, once again and despite his goal – his last five official goals were from 12 steps – returns to the center of the scene in Barcelona.



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